Naim App with Naim ND5XS on Wired Network issues?

Hi all
When I run my Naim ND5XS wired directly into the router I can’t use the Naim app on my Ipad to control it.
Is there a way around this ?
I’d like to run it wired and us the app.

All help on this much appreciated

Is your ipad connected to a wifi network generated by the router?
And if yes, have you enabled the ipad to access devices on the local network?
see here If an app would like to connect to devices on your local network - Apple Support

This should just hook up without even thinking about it.
I assume the iPad can browse other wifi internet stuff (???)
What brand is the router ???

I suggest a power cycle, turn it all off, leave te router off for 5 minutes to be sure your ISP systems logs you off.
Power on the router & let it complete before restarting the ND & iPad
It should simply just work

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Hi Robert

Yes thats set up correctly

Is your router also providing the WiFi, or do you have additional kit connected such as google mesh, range extender, etc?

Thanks Mike

I’ve tried what you suggest and the issue remains the same
The Naim app goes to “finding rooms” and then spins out as it can’t connect.
Router is supplied by Virgin media and connected to Google nest mesh.
All works fine if I connect the ND5xS wirelessly but when wired into the router it doesn’t work.

I suspect they’re on different subnet. Can you connect the ND to one of the google mesh points? I think whether you can depends on which generation mesh you have…

OK, I’m ducking out as its Virgin -
I suspect its a bit confused with the mesh extender & as Andy suggests might be on different subsets.

Without the Google mesh, it would be fine. I have Virgin Media and the app just finds anything (new or legacy platform) connected wirelessly or with Ethernet. No dramas.

If that is the issue, you need to either dig into the network setup so everything is getting ip addresses from the same dhcp service, or connect things differently to achieve the same effect. I don’t know what’s possible with the google system. Sorry.

Edit - sorry @Mike-B - reply to ‘wrong’ post :upside_down_face:

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Hi Andy/Mike/David

Thanks for your support with this issue.
Yes you were right Andy, I plugged the ND5XS into the Google mesh directly and now the app works so they were not on the same subnet before.
Unfortunately this only takes me back to where I started, trying to get a SSD drive (Audiostore mite) connected to the network to feed Flac files to the Naim. The Google nest only has one extra ethernet port and I need 2.
Not sure how I can proceed further as the Google nest subsettings are beyond me but perhaps theres another way to connect the Mite to the ND5XS.
I will check

If you are convinced that the ND will be better wired, an unmanaged ethernet switch between Nest and ND / Mite should do the trick; but having said that I’m sure someone will have done the mesh configuration before, and will be able to give you a step by step guide!

Interposing a switch in this way might even be a good idea. But don’t get carried away.

The ND5 won’t “see” hard drives on the network. It can only see UPnP servers.

Exactly it’s as @Guinnless says.

I think the Audiostore Mite is a upnp server…

Google mesh stuff has caused problems for quite a few Naim users here because they run a DHCP server which cannot be disabled. So if, like most people, you have an ISP supplied router as DHCP server, you are likely to run into problems.
My suggestion would be to ditch the Google stuff and get a tried and tested mesh setup, Ubiquiti or BT for example, which can be correctly configured to work in your network.

Thanks again
Yes the Google Mesh does seem to be causing the issue here.

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