Naim app woes

Anyone else having issues today? Only playing one track at a time and driving me round the bend. I noticed that on the app itself if you follow the ‘ball’ that moves along the track timeline about five seconds before the track ends it flies back to the start of the timeline whilst the song finishes and once it ends - nothing. Happens in playlists and albums and also on my iPhone and iPad, have reinstalled the app but no joy.

No problems for me, streaming Qobuz right now

Have you tried restarting the streamer?

I used to get this very occasionally with my NDX and a quick reboot always sorted it out.

Aye but no luck. Anyway, left it alone for an hour and it seems to have resolved itself but it had been flaky all afternoon. Oh well!

FFS, it’s doing it again! God this is annoying. :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Have you contacted Naim tech support yet? If not, I would advise that.

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Good point, just sent an email.

Might be quicker to just give them a call.

I didn’t know you could that, I thought it was email only?

See the support section on, there is an email address and a phone number

From the Naim website:

Contact Information

For help with all Naim product installation and operation please use the following details:
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405

Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm GMT/BST

Thanks, I knew the details there, I had just always emailed rather than calling. Anyway, I called and left it with them. Not something that has been raised previously so a bit peculiar really.

A tiny update, Naim are on the case and with their help I’m monitoring the streamer through a web client and ‘terminal’ on my MacBook. Picked up some errors today and it could be related to the Tidal downloads I have on my iPhone, all about tokens apparently. More to follow! Have to say that Steve Harris has been awesome.

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