Naim app

Hi there,…i.miss folder view very much!!
…the new App sorts the Folders…???
I would just like to See the Folders in the structure as they er ein my NAS!!! it was with the N-Serve
App!!..and Chance to get that again!!!
Would be Great!!greetings from Vienna!..Werner

Hello Ash, welcome back; the Naim app doesn’t sort the folders or how they are viewed, thats done by your NAS media server software. For example my media server is a Synology NAS & the software is Asset UPnP, I can view (browse) on my iPad screen by folders (as its listed in NAS) also by artist, by album name, by composer … & a selection of others, plus I see the album art cover pictures. This is all done by Asset UPnP.
What is your NAS server software ???

Hi from New Zealand! I’m a long time Naim user. I listen via streaming a ND5 XS2. The latest update of the Naim Ap is driving me nuts. Since the new Ap was updated by Naim I can no longer delete items from my Playlists! I’ve tried several ways to delete them but once deleted from the screens of my Apple iPad and iPhone the bloody tracks reappear within seconds! I wonder about deleting the Naim Ap and reinstalling a new version but worry that I will lose the thousands of tracks I have lovingly added to my various playlists.
Any thoughts?

Loads. They’re in all the other threads complaining about the stupid thing…

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