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Hi, please can anyone shed some light to see what’s going on with my playlist within the Naim App, as I’m baffled.

On my Qobuz playlist I have 501 tracks.

In the Naim App my playlist shows the Qobuz tracks, but track no 501 at the end of my playlist is showing Ac/Dc (which is my first track on my Qobuz playlist).

It should be The Who’s trick of the light (see pics) from my Qobuz playlist.

The Who track is missing in the Naim app playlist.

If I keep adding more Qobuz tracks it will show the second Ac/dc track on my playlist and so on, but again, not the added new track. I hope this makes sense.

All my apps and Atom hardware are up to date.

Sorry I forgot to show pics. :rofl:

You have exceeded the 500 max allowed in the Naim app.

Oh I see. That’s a shame. Thanks Robert. I wonder if Naim could increase the limit. I will contact them and ask.

I think it’s on the backlog.

The 500 track limit has always been there. Certainly worth making your feelings known to Naim if it’s a problem for you. It’s been raised occasionally by people using music stored on a server, but with the increasing use of Qobuz and Tidal, it may become a more widespread issue.

Thanks Chris it’s a problem for me. I think there should be no limits.
I’ve contacted Naim.

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