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A little suggestion to the developers of the Uniti app.
I would like a lot a clean, elegant white option of background, with a legible and clear font. Not for comparison, but graphically Qubuz and Roon in white background are fantastic. Another suggestion if I can afford … The track that is playing is not clearly highlighted in the track list of an album.

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There is another thread about app background and I linked your post there so that it’s all in one place

This should already happen, on the Now Playing screen.

I have a couple of quibbles about the app.

On my iPhone 10, I can’t see the A-Z on the right hand side. I can see it on my iPad.

This one may be more specific to me, but I’ll ask. During my troubleshooting of server related issues (as mentioned in other posts) I set up several different music servers. However, when listening to music, the only way for me to make sure what server I was using was to drill back up to the next to top level. Even now that I have a stable set-up, Is there any way for me to quickly check my which server I am using?

It should show A-Z in the iPhone too. It’s ok in my iPhone 12 Pro. But you have to be in Album view.

And I think there isn’t a quick way to check which server you are on, apart from navigating back to where you select the server. But maybe someone else knows a way.

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Most likely you must scroll down in the album view and then click the damn hidden More button. Then the A-Z should appear top right

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Can’t even find a More button.

This is from Android but I think is more or less the same on iOS:

  1. Go to, e.g., ALBUMS, which shows the preview (which is latest additions or something)
  2. Scroll down to the very end, there should be MORE, tap it:
  3. Now you see all albums and top right there should be the sort options:

A couple of things. I play from a music server almost all of the time, and I don’t get that horizontal TRACKS, ALBUMS . . . display. I get Music, Photos, and Video. I select Music and then I can select a search order. In my case I select Genre/Artist/Album, which is my normal search procedure. At that point, I do see that A-Z, but the alphabet itself does not appear going down the right hand side. As I have perhaps 500 artists in my Classical Genre, I have to guess where Mozart starts.

As I said, this is a quibble, not a dealbreaker.

Oh, those horizontal tabs might just be for streaming services then? Sorry if so, it’s been ages that I ran the UPnP server and keep forgetting that people do. I’m usually running Roon ( got fed up with the limitations of UPnP and the Naim app long ago)

Actually I checked again and the A-Z on the right hand side in iPhone 12 Pro looking at my Core upnp also appears in artists and genres, but not in composers or conductors. There is no “more” button at the bottom of the listing.

It might be worth deleting and reinstalling the Naim app.

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Thanks. I’ll try it when I have the chance.

I use an app called squeezer to control a squeezebox touch.

With this app. I’m able to select an album, from quboz or from a NAS, then drag tracks either up the list or down the list. I drag down on a lot of albums I listen to, as it effectively removes tracks I don’t want to listen too from the list.

I don’t seem to be able find a way to do this in the Naim app. Is it possible?

On the second photo, I’ve moved money up the list and in the process of moving another.

On the Naim app you can add tracks from Qobuz and/or a local server, and you can edit the queue, delete tracks, and change the order. More or less the same, isn’t it?

Not really.

I only seem to be able to pick a track and either select queue next or queue last.

I think Chris is saying add a track somewhere and then edit the playlist to move it where you want it, also you can delete tracks in the list.

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I’ve just created a couple of playlists, (I think) but can’t find them. Plus I’ve now lost contact with the room.
I don’t use playlists; I just select an album and listen to it. The squeezer app. allows me to select an album and very quickly drag the tracks up or down the list.

I was talking about the play queue, not saved playlists. They can include a mix of server and Qobuz tracks which can be edited.

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t is clear that Naim users are not satisfied with the performance of the App supplied with the Uniti systems.
I do not argue about the sound performance of streaming which I find excellent in absolute terms, but I remain of the opinion that much better can be done regarding the graphic aspect, rather obsolete, and the management of musical information taken from streaming music providers.
At this point the expensive choice (also in terms of hardware) of installing Roon is obvious, of which I only use the amazing management of the library and information and links on songs, authors, dates, insights on high-level musical topics and very useful reviews. .
I think that our beloved and above all expensive devices may deserve a better management application and I also believe that certain modifications do not risk particular technological efforts.
Thanks to everyone for your attention and a big hello to the whole community.


This app update is so frustrating - one of my 3 devices keeps disappearing and I have to do the song and dance of off / on delete app reinstall app etc.

Everything was perfect until the latest update and for the love of god when I scan net work why can’t I copy the scan code that is on the previous page to where you need to input it…… shocking design.

Any words of wisdom?