Naim app

Why does the naim app default to the internet radio homepage when the streamer is playing?

Happens to both NDX2 and muso2

Do you mean that it opens in the iRadio input, as it would if you selected iRadio from the homescreen? That would be odd, mine certainly doesn’t. Or do you mean that you see iRadio presets on the homepage beneath the source buttons?

I’m using the streamer and say decide to change album. I open the screen or wake up the app on the phone and it defaults back to internet radio home page. I then have to navigate away from that section.

Bit of a pain.

It’s on my streamer and my partners muso 2 at another address which is odd

I have the same and it’s annoying indeed. A few updates on both ends didn’t change it. (ND5XS2 - iPhone, both on the latest).

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Copying in @tomvamos in case he has any suggestions.

Ditto here, doesn’t happen every time but frequently enough. I’d have the app open and playing say Qobuz, I’d close my iPad and when I reopen the app has defaulted to radio menu, good to know it’s not just me. It’s a comparatively recent thing so crept in since recent app updates

Just for clarity, does the app default to:

  • Screen 1: Homepage with Radio presets displayed

  • Screen 2: Internet Radio browser

At my end it consistently jumps to the #2 screen.

Yes #2

Thanks @RvL and @Hollow

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I don’t get this problem and I have the legacy products - SU and Muso.

Can anyone else confirm if this is an issue only on the current range?

I don’t get this problem on either older-generation or current generation products, so I wouldn’t worry.

Many of these things can be device dependent - we’re looking into it.

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That’s odd. I have the ND5XS2 and an iPhone 12 mini.

Does it happen with all sources, or just Qobuz?

Hi Clare. Happens with Qobuz and Tidal. That’s all I use besides internet radio.

I just swapped the ND5XS2 for an NDX2 and the same thing happens.


Thanks for the insight, which i’m sure @TomVamos and team will find very useful.

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This is the offending page

I have also lost the HiDef Radio icon on both IPhone and IPad since the last update to the Vtuner

Did anybody notice that the new app shows the times next to each song for Tidal? Yay!

But it doesn’t for Upnp. Boo.

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Now the latest update has loaded this problem is pretty constant now