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Is the Naim app available to use on my Kindle?
I got a 2TB hard drive for Christmas, and would like to rip all my CDs to it, using my Star, but I find using my mobile phone a bit restricting when it comes to finding stuff, I have an old Android tablet which won’t update, and as I have a Kindle, I was hoping to use that?
But I’m unsure whether the Naim app is available for it, can someone who knows please advise?

It’s not I’m afraid.

A kindle is just for reading E books. You could buy a new Amazon fire (reduced right now in the uk), side load the google play store (which isn’t there by default but easy to add), then install the Naim app for android.

You don’t even need to install the Play Store to get the Naim app on an Amazon tablet, just use an apk downloaded and sideload the Naim app apk

Apologies, Robert,it is a Fire, I just got used to calling it a Kindle.
I will investigate loading apps as you suggest.

I did find the APK app, but wasn’t sure whether it’s safe and simple to use, but will have another go.

All sorted, thanks elverdiblanco, the APK app loaded seamlessly, and we’re up and running.
Happy New Year, everyone.

use an apk downloader browser extension to download it direct from the Play Store then you know for sure it is safe

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