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I am thinking of buying an NDX2 streamer. Do I have to use the Naim app to stream from my computer, or can I bypass it and use one of the streaming services, Spotify, Tidal, etc, without useing the Naim App?

You can use Tidal connect from Tidal app, for instance.

And if you have an Android device you can use bubbleupnp

You can stream from your laptop via usb socket on the back of the exposure, and from that into your 282. If you just want to try it out.

Hi @Tyendra325, I’m not entirely clear what you’re planning to do, in particular what you mean by “stream from my computer”. Do you want to use the computer to control your NDX, or stream music stored on the computer? And what computer is it? Modern Macs and MacBooks with M1 and M2 processors will run the Naim app natively. A few more details of your proposed system would help us help you.


Using a streaming service, I would use my Macbook Air M1 computer to control the NDX2. Could I stream music from a streaming service without using the Naim app?

As said by IainO above, you could control Tidal using the Tidal app and Tidal Connect. The same goes for Spotify. Why the aversion to the Naim app?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t even need the ndx2; your mac can stream and your exposure is a dac. I suggest as a start you set that up with a trial of tidal or qobuz, both of which you can use on the Mac.

Thanks. I have no aversion to it; I’m merely checking my options.

Thanks, Robert. Yes, I need to buy another set of cables. I have managed to get the CD and turntable playing through the Exposure amp and headphones. The CDs sound great, but the viny sounds rubbish. I’m presuming that turning analogue to digital and back to analogue is why.
How will the sound of the exposure DAC playing through my system compare to the NDX2?

It’s a line level input on the exposure, I’d be surprised if there is digital processing involved inside the exposure.
I’m suggesting connecting up the exposure as a dac as you have all the equipment and do don’t need to spend £5k on an ndx2 to hear streaming through your main system. Yes the ndx2 will be better but I’d be surprised if you thought the exposure dac was awful. It just might prove to be all you need.

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Thanks for the good advice, robert. Much appreciated.

As well as the options mentioned above, it is possible to control Naim streamers from other control apps such as Linn Kazoo which can run on a computer. To do this you can make your streamer OpenHome compatible by running BubbleUPnP server somewhere on your network, e.g. on a NAS if you have one. Whether that is worth the effort is another matter.


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