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Hi all.
Got an older ipad (2) - my playlists created within the Naim App regularly disappear & sometimes switching the ipad off & on again makes them reappear, but not always. I’ve even made sure I’ve gone into the UpNp part, set a song playing, so it knows where to look for the songs in my playlist(s) (off the network drive), still to no avail, then sometime LATER they will reappear (but not always) - any ideas? If it’s recommended I get a new(er) tablet: are the (cheaper than apple) android ones any good?
Looking forward to your thoughts
Ps: Network player: NDX

I’ve always found the Naim app playlists to be prone to corruption, although once they stop working, I have never known one to start working again, so your issue may be different.
In practice, I find playlist creation on the server to be more reliable, although it’s less convenient than using the app.

How do you manage playlists using this method?

That will depend on the server you are using. I use a Unitiserve, so it’s a simple matter of opening a different app to create and manage playlists, which will then appear in the Naim app UPnP/Server input.
I believe it’s possible to add playlists to some other servers, but how easy it is, I wouldn’t know, as I’ve only done this on a Naim server.

I use dbpoweramp to put my cd’s on to my network drive (Synology - minimserver) via mac, I believe I have a playlist creator on an old pc - I’ll look into it. My playlists, luckily, have not yet completely disappeared, thankfully; at least I now know ‘it’s not just me’ & sorry to hear that yours completely disappear.
Anyone have experience of ‘Android app’?

It’s a pity the Naim app playlists seem always to have been unreliable, as I like to be able to add tracks to them spontaneously as I’m listening. Logging onto a computer is a bit of a faff.


I totally agree!

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