Naim Approved Service Agents

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The location and identity of Naim’s approved Service Agents seems to be almost secret…?

In the UK, Class A are well know hereabouts, but there are said to be others in the UK…?

Naim in Salisbury, clearly. Grahams have been mentioned…? Is that all, for the UK…?

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It’s not ‘almost secret’, because there is no list: it’s Naim and Class A, with support from all our specialist retailers (as a reminder, for those whom maybe new to the brand: any authorised Naim specialist retailer can arrange service/repair back at Salisbury.)


Thanks Ian

I’m thinking that maybe the website is out of date

If I take the link that Clare sent through , it doesn’t mention that the new Naim distributor in Australia ( and for that matter in NZ as the same distributor) as providing in house servicing of product, or maybe that is a given?

Maybe all servicing is outsourced , I don’t know, but what happens if something major happens, can it be fixed in Australia or does it have to be shipped to Salisbury ?


That covers a lot of the Interwebz, to be realistic… Not just HiFi retailers… :thinking:

You can lead the Horse to water…

Regarding EU, I know these Naim authorised service centra:

Latham Audio, the importing company for Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.
LASA Piacenza, Italy.

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Now its getting useful…!!! Thanks @Ardbeg10y !!

Maybe we can make an ‘unofficial’ list…

I am assuming Focal-Naim France (or similar) must be one…?

Yes, and Music line in Germany probably which is owned by Vervent Audio too. I’m not 100% sure if they are the authorised service centre, but I think so.

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I’m not at all sure that Focal does any servicing. I have a feeling that they’re sending everything to Salisbury - this was the case with my Hiline, and I had to wait a long, long time…

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Here’s a question then for @Naim.Marketing . Naim pulled out of Japan twice. Once in 2008 and again this year (only Muso range was launched and it fizzled).

Focal have a very strong presence here and their Japanese distributor is Luxman who handle all servicing. The Naim Japanese site mentions that Focal will honor servicing for Naim products in Japan within warranty.

Is it still impossible to get servicing for classic/500 series gear here? Or will Focal/Luxman be able to service and recap?


I’ll ask our Export manager!

TY! Much appreciated :relaxed:

No service in France, to my last knowledge.
I will ask my dealer to send to Class A when it will be the time to do it.


I’m not sure your dealer will be prepared to send it to Class A. I did that a few years ago with a CB pre/amp - no problem at all.
Things have become much more complicated however, as Ardbeg10y pointed out in another thread. No need to spell out the reason.

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He sent for me the Ear 912 to Ear Yoshino, why not to Class A ?

The B word… And it will get worse from Jan’22… :thinking:

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Very interested in this too Clare. If I could just get a simple/recap service in Japan…

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I’m not sure what being an authorized service center entails, precisely, but MusicLine is definitely the German distributor and they can fulfill a range of servicing tasks.

What I know is:

  • My CD5i and XPS were serviced there, as was a friend’s Nait 5i
  • They replaced the VAM1250 of my CDS3 back when it still had a different owner
  • They replaced the unbalanced volume pot of my then-new 252

I think they can do DR upgrades

Not sure if there are limits to what they are allowed to do and what they are

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Mine too, a year ago I had to pay carriage but not the repair. It’s just lost the right channel last week so should probably go back again, though I’m tempted to get the soldering iron out. My spare hiline cracked a ring almost as soon as I fitted it so that will be two to go back if I can still be bothered. The ND555 doesn’t sound too shabby with just a Lavender.

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Now officially called Focal-Naim Deutschland.


Please help us in EU to get a Naim approved service agent :blush: