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Yep znai

Same feeling I have in Aus also


Probably cheaper for the three of you to club together to bring Darran from Class A over to Japan for a ‘holiday’ :wink:


I was thinking the same. Maybe Darran and his soldering iron need to go on tour?


I need to have my faulty 3 week old SN3 repaired, urgently. For all intents and purposes, I no longer have a reliable dealer to depend on. Is there a service center or repair facility in France that can repair this unit, even if it’s out-of- warranty billable work? Should I ship it to LASA in Italy or Naim/Focal Germany? Do you have any idea or suggestion on how to have one of your new products repaired for customers residing in France?
Thank you.

Could you not return it to where you got it from?

Have you any idea how non existent French customer service is?


No, never been to France, never will.

But aside from that isn’t it a condition of being a Naim dealer?


That’s why they need good wine.


Or being a dealer at all, one would think. Last I checked, France was a EU member.

I think Clare has this in hand and has referred it to the distributor to sort things out for you.


I have indeed.


I certainly hope so. Thank you.

Hello, I would definitely be eternally grateful for your assistance in resolving this unfortunate situation and am available to provide any additional information you may require.
Thank you very much.

I certainly do. I live here. It does depend on the retailer to a degree but as a broad generalization it can be accurately stated that Customer Service in France, as a concept and a practice, is nothing like what can be expected in the UK or the USA. This holds true for hifi retailers as well.

In my situation, with a faulty new unit STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX, which is now 3 weeks old, I have not yet succeeded in coordinating a path toward resolution with any relevant party in France.

Haha. You know I thought about this but not only will gear all need servicing at different times, but I reckon, for such a trip to even be financial viable you’re probably looking at $50k. You basically have to cover the return flights. Hotels, and 9am to 5pm every day they are here, plus travel time is all hourly labour charge.

I will say this once. I am not a rich man.

I suggest you ring up Focal. I had the same issue (an unreliable dealer), they said I could send them the unit - directly.


That’s rather unfair, and mostly untrue.
It’s like anywhere else, there are good and bad dealers. My local dealer is hopeless, but he seems to be the exception rather than the rule. And that applies to most things - cars, household appliances, etc.

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@Naim.Marketing Just doing my fortnightly ping to see if there is any news on the JP servicing issue.


If its Japan you mean, I would suggest you make it annual… Nothing changes quickly there, in my experience…

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@TokyoNick There won’t be an update on this until at least the latter half of the month as per an offline discussion.

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