Naim are just amazing!

I would just like to thank Naim for producing such wonderful products. Honestly, the music is so funky, fantastic in fact. Toes are tapping, folks are singing, everyone in my circle are really enjoying the music.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just a big thank you to everyone involved. Keep up the good work. It’s truly an amazing time in system building for me!:eyes::sunglasses::+1:


Naim are indeed good at what they do and produce great Hi-Fi product. That said so are several other companies that do the same. Not sure I’d write a love letter to them though

Glad you’re enjoying your hobby🙂


Which system do you have

Click on Stephen’s avatar.

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Incredible synergy here along with everything else i could’ve ever hoped for…! More luck than judgement mind! :wink:


It’s not about luck, it’s about common sense and good advice.


Couldn’t agree more HH. Thanks mainly to your good self and many others here. I have literally put together a whole system (piece by piece over two years) completely blind. I just knew it would be (sort of) good from the outset. The n-speaker system was just a natural progression once the electronics were in place. They came up by pure chance. What a pleasant surprise it’s all been. I’m really chuffed with the outcome. It could’ve all gone the other way of course, and i think this is where my luck may of come in also…hence my luck comment above.

Sorry for the self wallowing here - it’s just turned out this way. I couldn’t of planned this success, that’s never how it usually works out. This is not something that happens very often during one’s HiFi journey. There are of course many ups and downs but very seldom does it hit that spot we are all searching for within ourselves, and when it does? Hallelujah! :rofl::+1:


I would definitely overall agree. I do wonder however whether the separate power supplies for the higher end separates along with the then necessary Burndys,ICs and extra shelf space is still required for the best SQ. There must be newer isolation technology as must be utilized by other “high end” seperates such as Soulution for one of many examples.

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I think it’s finding that spot within the Naim range that really allows the listener to connect with the music. Whether this be with a MuSo QB, everything in-between or a Statement system. The synergy is always there, it’s just finding it and unlocking it to it’s full potential.

Stephen, I remember well your struggles with your first venture into streaming on here, and how frustrated your were at that time.

But you persevered and now have a superb system that has that wonderful Naim synergy that draws us all in to the music.

I am so glad it has all worked out for you.


If you are inclined to do so, send a letter to Salisbury and it will get pinned up on the noticeboard in the canteen. It’s always nice to read compliments.


@ Stephen_Tate

I have the SN3 into the nSats via Naca5. I use Roon via MacBookPro into Qutest as a front end. I have never seen an nSub Stateside. I have resisted the HiCap in favor of simplicity. This little rig sounds great.


A great idea. When I was customer service manager I used to circulate any such letters or postcards and then pin them up in the canteen. We all loved reading them. It made everyone feel valued and that our job was really worthwhile. Even just a quick postcard makes such a difference!


Best electronics ever made.


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@Richard.Dane maybe someone should pick some of the praise given in the thread about why we picked Naim. Those could very well be made in to postcards or something like that.

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Yes. Thats a great idea. I’ll forward in to someone at Naim.


I’m currently lying prostrate on front of my system unable to move.

My system has made me happier every day for the past 18 months, so yes, many thanks to Naim!

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Fallen over the cat ?

:smiley: :smiley:


I shall be sending Naim a post card praising them for all their hard work and for building such exemplary products. To say i’m very pleased with my current system is an understatement. Music in the home for me now has never been this good. Really wonderful stuff, i’m absolutely loving it.