Naim are truly fantastic and deserve a round of applause!

…on your shoulder…after all, that’s what the Bath Rugby players have opted for.

Yes i’d really like to visit the factory some day too. I used to work in various electronics production environments many years ago, so can appreciate some of the expertise that goes into it all. I also worked at Goodmans loudspeakers when they were under the TGI group in the early nineties. Both Epos & Mordaunt-Short were under the same roof. It used to be quite exciting watching the R&D guys testing (in the background ) out a new product they were trying to bring to market.

Working there taught me a lot about what goes into a speaker from start to finish, component recognition and also it’s where i brushed up on my soldering skills.

Goodmans used to hand make all of their own voice coils and had a really advanced automated production line for car audio speakers as well. Around that time i purchased my first ever Naim amplifier - NAC92/NAP90.3. With the long shift hours i was putting in, to help build my first full Naim system, which i did, and then ended up going active, albiet with the silmline components. :slightly_smiling_face:


I p**sed around with all kinds of audio gear trying to make the music sound the way I thought it could. I tried tube pre’s, and mosfet amps, and other SS gear, and cables.

The only piece I ever had that actually made the music sound fabulous was a Linn Unidisk 1.1, but it was worth about three times what any of the other components were.

Then finally I happened upon a piece of Naim gear, and I finally found what I’d been looking for. It was a Superuniti, and knowing that it was at the starting point of Naim’s SQ levels, I was extremely impressed.
So, I sold everything else I had, and bought only Naim after that. Still very impressed with their products, and engineering, and customer service … and most of all, the wonderful, musical sound.

Oh, and of course, this excellent Naim forum. However, many of the members don’t actually own any Naim gear, so it’s not like it’s a Naim thing; just a great place to discuss audio, and other interesting topics.


Rugby in the bath?! That’s just silly!

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26 years an owner…Never have regretted the upgrades or the expense for the sheer pleasure it has bought me. Think I am in quite an unusual boat too, living in Japan, without dealer support in situ. However, have used the same dealer in the UK for purchases and phone/email/text support in all that time and they have been superb.


You could form a local chapter with @feeling_zen. :rofl:

Hehe. I think there’s 4 or 5 forum members here in Japan.

Recapping time is terrifying me though. About 5 years away.


I have loved naim since hearing a nait 2 in 1990. I am guess I am now biased totally but unapologetic.




After many years in different brands Chord, Marantz, Mackintosh and many others several years ago I met Naim, and I think there is no other easy to operate and with so many versatility that can sound as good as a Naim.


That picture is awesome :+1:

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I only have an Atom but i have never enjoyed music as much! Already planning upgrades (long term). All the other kit i have owned Has always had something not quite right… probably system synergy…
Also, I have looked over forums for many years and have seen nothing but incorrect advice, rude responses and arguments. This is the first forum i have joined because I haven’t seen anything like that yet. Pleasant responses and helpful advice. :+1:


I’ve had Naim products for 10 minuits, not going anywhere :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Yep! I used to belong to 4-5 forums, but you get so tired of all the off-topic insults and attacks to yourself and others. And posters, heavily, pushing their very personal opinions on others, Jeez mon!! I use one other forum to PM one member that I have struck up a relationship with. That’s it.

People here are overly helpful, and almost always pleasant; and if someone does get rude or disrespectful, Richard shuts it down very quickly.


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