Naim Ariva

Does anyone have experience with Ariva speakers? I’m wondering what quality range they are equivalent to in terms of other speakers, eg would they be in the same class as a Harbeth 30.2, a Dynaudio Special 40, etc. Was thinking of pairing to my Nova. I’m currently using Sonus Faber Olympica 1’s but need to change them out for a medium period of time. I’m also wondering if there would be a big drop or not in sound quality from the SF’s.

My experience is that I have heard them sounding fantastic at my dealers with Naim entry level kit. I have tried them here in a smaller room with similar kit and been very disappointed.

So, in the right room, I imagine they will match very well with your Nova.

I can’t comment on how they compare with the other speakers you mention.


A friend has them fronted by LP12/Ittok/K18/102/HC/180. I find them quite boomy but that’s probably the room. In any case they are very different to the preceding generations of Naim speakers, SBL, IBL etc. I for one am not a fan but then I’ve not heard them in an optimized set up/room etc.

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