Naim Aro bearing question

I have an elderly Naim Aro from 1991. The bearing cup sits on top of a pillar that fits snugly into the arm pillar. I understand from reading that the cup pillar sits on a ball bearing in some kind of silicon lubricant. It is years since I felt the pillar, from memory, it used to feel damped and smooth with a little resistance when turned. Now it feels a looser and easier to turn and I think there may be a bit more play than there was. Does anyone have any knowledge on whether the bearing needs any maintenance or relubricating?
I would be grateful for any advice or knowledge on this.

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When you hold the main body of the bearing in one hand and turn the cup and pillar between finger and thumb of the other, how does it feel? It should feel nice and smooth. If it feels a bit gritty then it may just be air bubbles. Keep turning the cup and pillar back and forth a bit to see if it smooths out.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I wouldn’t describe it as gritty but not as smooth or as damped.
It’s just feels a bit looser and not as tight as I remember. I have a go at turning it again a bit later. Thanks.
Is there a lubricant at the bottom?


I rebuilt the pillar on my Aro some years ago
It is a very simple affair
There is a ball bearing it rotates on, and silicon fluid in it to lubricate and damp it
As Richard said…air can get in …but this usually either clears itself or a few twists clear it
I have a large bottle of the correct fluid for the arm somewhere as it only takes a few drops and I had to buy 250ml

JTS, I’ve edited your post to comply with forum rules. You can of course let the OP know the fluid you have used.

I’ve no idea what I’ve done (yet again) to fall foul of the rules …
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Yes, mine feels like there is no lubrication any more. It would be great to know what the correct fluid is and how much to use.

Even better was your kind implied offer of a few drops from your bottle.
I’m unclear as to why your post was edited and why this might not be possible.

Forum rules I’m afraid. Very strict on this one. Sadly. But it has to be that way…

Good thread - it got me turning the pillar on my Aro. Fortunately, all feels nice and smooth. Phil March obviously lubricated it nicely last time - nice one Phil !

Morning @Richard.Dane. I assume a link was posted which is a clear breach of forum rules. However, the name of the product should surely be allowed, especially as it is for a Naim product? I use an Ekos but this is useful information for Aro users.

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No link. I don’t know the name of it but JTS is free to post the name here.

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Cheers Richard.

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Peder, the information can be shared here. However, importing discussion from other forums or posting directions to members to visit specific other forums is moderated.


I just wanted to say that hopefully this thread has now a positive outcome.
I am hopeful that relubricating the bearing will return my bearing to how I think it should feel when you twist it.
Another member has very kindly offered to send me some of his lubricant, so I hope this does the trick.
I seems that to achieve this, we unfortunately, have had to visit another forum to be able to communicate with each other which has resulted in editing and removal of posts on this tread.
I respect the rules that any medium sets out for its self, but I am at a bit of a loss as to how members can communicate with each other. For example, if you wanted to meet up with someone to hear their system, or arrange to go to a gig etc etc. Perhaps one cannot?

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