Naim Aro - good condition with new cables - urgent question

Hi @NeilS
Hope you are fine. I am still considering you 52 update offer. Actually the plan is to combine it with a trip to wales next year, which we had planned in 2020 bit cancelled to known reasons.

Today I need you help in a different matter.
I have been offered a Naim aro in good condition but with modified cables. The cabling is done by a professional - so far so good.
But my dealer - who has installed a lot of aro Arms - mentioned that we need the Original small Plug and connector from the tone arm cable.
We do not need, where to get these.
Are these small plug and connectors still available at Naim?
Can you please check?

Thank you so much in advance.

Kindest regards

Holger, with all due respect to Neil, I think it’s best to make such enquiries through the proper channels - the best avenue for such an enquiry is through your Naim dealer or distributor. Neil comes on here in his own time and provides a great deal of help with technical and service insight, but when it comes to asking about specific parts and availability, this isn’t really the place.

FWIW, I seem to recall that it was mentioned here these parts are no longer available from Naim, which would perhaps explain why they are missing on the Aro you’ve been offered. You could try Peter at Cymbiosis who tries to keep some old parts, or may have an alternative solution here.


Thanks Richard - also for reminding me.
I had a gut feeling and a guilty conscience that this question is too much.
Will ask Peter or quit the deal.
Is a good offer, but without these small parts it won’t be installed correctly.
Thanks again

To be honest Holger, I think you are going to struggle to find that part.
If you want to go ahead with it, I’d start looking for alternative plugs/sockets - maybe it would be possible to convert it to SME style connectors? If you can still get those(?)


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Thank you so much Neil and Richard and Peter from cymbiosis!
You saved me from a return to sender situation.
If not available in the package, I will not buy it - even it is a Perfect Price and a really good status of the tonearm.
Really like the original one as I do understand now that it is installed onto the armboard.
Thanks thanks thanks!

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