Naim at the Bristol Show 2020

If anyone could squeeze and coerce the good Naim folks at the show to reveal some of their future product plans, that would be of great interest to all I should think…


I managed to get an answer from Naim HQ on the new merchandise; “We’re trialling a range of merchandising options at the moment. The Bristol Hi-Fi Show is a ‘soft launch’ to see what’s popular; after the event we’ll do further research – including Forum surveys – before making a range of products more widely available.”


Excellent news, thanks.

Plain black t shirt with green naim logo over the left breast would be sublime.

Black coffee mug that when it gets hot a green logo appears would be fun


You should suggest an Aussie range Pete ? Singlet , Thongs , Stubbie Holder :+1:


If it is chord cables I am sure from previous trusted sources that it will be forum off limits to discuss, but very very interesting for Chord users.

Yes but the thong thing might start another rift. Anyway isn’t that slightly stereotyping. :rofl::rofl:


Back in the day I had both a Linn and a Naim sweatshirt. I’d never wear them outside because they make you look really geeky. Hilary once wore the Linn one while working behind the Uni bar and some geeky bloke started chatting her up with some line like ‘ooh, I see you have a Linn’.

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Just as well you didn’t wear it Nigel!

No … after 3 years in Oz I’m a fully fledged member of the Stubbie Holder club , a bit cold for the singlet here at the moment though :umbrella::joy:.

I know. We could have shaken our Snaics together.

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I hate singlets, and I’ve never found a stubbie holder I’ve liked but I confess to wearing (designer type of course) thongs - on my feet that is. :+1:

I’m with you on the singlets tbh

On the Naim facebook page they say they will be partnered by Vicoustic sound treatment, for optimum sound.

Of course. If it is, I’ll mention it on the pink place

It’s to make those crap speakers sound acceptable.


It’s not so straightforward because for production reasons the two system share a number of basic elements under the skin. However, they are very different in their overall execution, tuning, and of course, sound/performance.

Adam, english is not my first language and I read apparently too quickly. However Bentley use BO but as optional possibility…
The confusion is also because the review doesn’t write explicitly “Naim speakers “.

Will Naim be launching the Statement Streamer at the show? I’m not in the market for one (unless those numbers come up) but surely it’s only a matter of time before the top Naim pre and amps get a matching source?

I hope not, please…:grimacing: