Naim at the Bristol Show 2020

Hey Marka, you took the place of Bert this year. Thanks to post. Bert will probably post again on Munich.
Have you heard new Leema streamers?
Pink Faun ?

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Thanks for the photos and commentary. It’s very helpful for us “across the pond”

Harbeth C7ES-3 XD. These are the former 40th Anniversary editions, but in a normal cabinet (rather than the special cabinets) and without the WBT binding posts.

Rather lovely. But they are running off a nice big amp to give them the bass kick.

If you like holographic imaging and acoustic instruments how they are supposed to sound. These are wonderful.


This was the playlist I captured in Naim room.


Hegel H390? All models come as XD now?

Yes, Alan Shaw is running the H390 for the demo. I think all models are XDs now. So they all have the new crossover improvements of the former 40th Anniversary’s.

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Just come out of the Chord Company demo, they did the 8Switch and…
A Burndy!
I’m not a Naim person, there was a definite increase in clarity, flow for both.

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Of course any discussion relating to a Non-Naim burndy is not allowed here.

The guys from isoacoustics were doing A/B demos of a set of Focals with and without their Gaia II screw in pucks.

Noticed a good lift with them on. Bass tighter, vocals and highs crisper.


If you are in the market for a NAC N-272. There is a show discount of 25% off. Currently selling here for £2775. Just for info.


An impressive presentation by Fyne Audio. They make these just up the motorway from me and they really sound lovely (Fyne Audio - F703). Very impressive depth , detail and stereo imaging. Beautifully built. A fine furniture aspect about them.


Is this signalling the death knell of the 272?? Makes it look a bit of a bargain.

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Count me in regarding the coffee mug!

Wonder what Linn make of Fyne’s slogan?

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Wow, that’s a good deal.

It’s still a great DAC/pre/streamer even if it is due to be updated.

Thanks for the photos. Vocals on all Harbeth sound lovely, particularly the M30.2 which has a slight edge over all models in my experience.

Did anyone ask the Patrice of the new Kudos loudspeaker cable?

Dynaudio demonstrating their Confidence range. On Naim electronics.

They are running Confidence 50. Naim is ND555 - 1x 555DR PS, NAC 552, SupercapDR, 300DR. SuperLumina speaker cable. Looks like SuperLumina full loom. Also full powerline on all. Streaming local from a Uniti Core.

This is a nice room. Unfortunately it’s open and very close to a high footfall traffic area.

There is nice instrument definition and weight behind piano parts of the music.


Kudos were using it on the 707s talking to Derek from Kudos this morning it is the same as they use internally priced at £30 a metre if Iremember correctly he did say that have purchased 5km!! more details on their website.

Does it? I will give this ‘bargain basement’ active system a listen tomorrow and will feed back my thoughts. If it does the business, then what a superb concept!