Naim Atom Airplay stopped working ( Wifi works) “An unexpected error occurred. Try again.”

Hello Folks
I have been silently enjoying the Naim Atom 2021 for months on end finally upgraded speakers to Trenner & Friedl Osiris ( WOW) my observations soon another day but for now Airplay has stopped working on the Atom. WIFI strength is solid & Radio works fine Just unable to be discovered by devices. PLEASE HELP

Event log :

  1. Reboot Modem , Router, Atom & Iphone a few times no dice. Rooms could not be found and neither could the devices see the Atom.
  2. Factory reset a few times and tried a fresh setup but Naim app refused to connect to it and each try resulted with 'An unexpected error please try again message"
  3. Setup Atom manually and tried adding to Naim App by IP but it says device could not be found.
  4. Have tried Spotify, Apple Music ,Naim App
  5. Stumped …:frowning:

Naim Atom software
Iphone 15.5
Ipad 12.5.5

Could be a problem with the unit wireless board, I have had a similiar issue with my NDX 2, Wi-Fi has gone out, Bluetooth not working, took it to the dealer for a repair.

I’d be popping to my dealer first agreed on your comments.

Thank you both !
I was really hoping there was some history to this happening and an at home fix without having to send it out . Its my only amp

The weird thing is bluetooth is working and before I reset Spotify was too ( guess since it was already with Connect) but it stopped after the reset.

The main issue seems it cannot be discovered over wifi.

Oh well , maybe some resident savant will save the day …

You mentioned above that radio was working: if that is the case then the problem is not WiFi as the unit is clearly getting the radio stream from your router. That suggests that there could be a network discovery issue between the Atom and your iPhone, as this (via the Naim app and Spotify Connect) is what is unable to find the streamer if I have understood correctly.

The first thing I would try is to delete the Naim app from your phone, restart everything (router, Atom and phone) then reinstall the Naim app and see if it is then able to see the Atom.

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I concur, similar episode with naimuniti2 fixed by completely deleting Naim app from iPhone then re uploading, since then all worked fine. You may loose your playlists however. I was so concerned at the time I did not try uploading the app on a second device first (which had thee as t worked my playlists would be in tact and I could then delet from the original phone, if u follow)

If Bluetooth is ok that could as others have suggested be an application issue.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios share the same 2.4GHz band and are contained within the same radio subsystem in the Atom on a daughterboard.

The Naim App will cache the MAC Address of your Atom and your network router will resolve that to an IP address (required for correct TCP/IP functionality) using ARP, Address Resolution Protocol, which maps physical MAC addresses to (typically) dynamically allocated IP addresses, handled by your routers DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server.

If the Naim app is caching a no longer valid IP address it will be trying to reach your Atom on the wrong IP address as it’s requests wont match the ARP cache in your router and it won’t in turn be able to forward packets from device information stored in iptables.

Doing a full delete, device reboot and app install will test that theory as that should remove any device persistant data stored in the Naim app database.

Worth a try anyway!

Thank you all ,
I had already tried the reset all devices and re-install of ap to no avail.
But MR M’s detailed ( thank you) insight made me call my cable provider and reset the router to factory settings and then do a clean setup and install.

This was the fix … for Posterity
ITs not enough sometimes to factory reset & reinstall app & reboot router but also get the router to drop the reserved IP for the device. Since it was retaining the old IP it could not be discovered.

Thank you thank you thank you!


Bingo! Now get the tunes on and enjoy the sunshine :sunny::sunglasses:

Thanks for the troubleshooting lesson I didn’t know that your internet provider could do a different reset I’ll definitely keep it in mind for future issues.

Resetting the router to factory settings can be done by any user directly through the router’s web application.

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