Naim atom and Aria 906 connecting tv,ps4

Hello there, ive got Naim Atom Unit and Aria 906 i need some answers i want to connect TV Samsung and PS4 Pro with naim for best sound quality should i connect HDMI with TV or optical cable, PS4 is connected with tv via HDMI, tv have hdmi and optical out, ps4 have optical out and hdmi.

My room is 17m2, what distance should be between speakers and how far from wall they need to be? Thanks!

Hello. I would do the following:
Ps4 - > tv: hdmi (ps4 pro’s own hdmi cable if you have it)
Tv - > Atom: hdmi/optical, if your tv has hdmi arc output then use hdmi cable to get option to control certain features(f. eg. volume control) of atom and tv with one remote controller.
Optical and hdmi offer similar sound quality. Usually other factors like cable lenght and need of free input/output determine which one to choose.

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