Naim atom and sub woofer

Hi guys a totally immature question just wanted to know what should i do to connect a sub woofer to my setup which is Naim atom and KEF R3 i want to connect a sub woofer whats the recommended upgrade option i dont want to change the atom just want to add another Amp to power the sub . Please advise



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If you get an active sub (and most subs are). Then you just connect with a lead from the pre-amp output (on the Atom) to the main input on the sub. Depending on the sub’s inputs, you might need to get a lead made up, but your dealer can advise on that

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I have an older Mirage active Subwoofer connected to the pre outs on my Uniti Nova… works like a dream. I believe it’s a BPS 100 about 20 years old.

Welcome Sujith. I can confirm that works for a Uniti Star. Subwoofer must have it’s own amplification (i.e. active). Mine is a Cambridge Audio one with a straightforward RCA-to-RCA cable. For me the hardest part turned out to be realizing that the RCA cable was optimized to be connected in one direction only. That was my amateur experience :slight_smile:

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Be prepared. Subs are attention-seeking little so and so’s. I’m frequently adjusting the gain from recording to recording.

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