Naim Atom connected to LG Oled C8 via ARC really slow

I have connected my LG C8 tv hooked up to my Naim Atom via HDMI and is working ‘fine’. but if I want to turn up (or down) the volume via the LG magic remote it is really slow.

The Naim Atom only responds after a second of 2 after pressing the volume button, it takes roughly 10 seconds to increase the volume by 5 steps. holding the button doesn’t really work because then all of a sudden it increases 20 steps and its way too loud.

Anyone know how to correctly setup the settings of either devices to fix this?

@andredewaard I have LG tv (2021) and Naim boxes, but don’t have them connected but since no one has commented, the following may be useful.

With the latest LG updates, I noticed the two HDMI connections to my tv to be much less responsive so it is possible the tv is the issue.

Lots of HMDI issues on the forum, this is just one, Nova HDMI and LG tv, try a search. One of the Naim staff gave a comment in one of the threads, about HDMI implementation. I can’t immediately find it, but the gist was that not all manufacturers are implementing or following the protocols in the same way, which can cause issues to arise. If you haven’t already, the usual advice is to power off everything, say overnight, disconnect i/cs and then reconnect before powering back on. Try powering one first, then the other way round.

Take a read of other threads, bear in mind, anything mentioned about Nova will also likely apply to Atom. Try also a different HDMI lead, worth a try.

You could also experiment with an optical digital TOSLINK S/PDIF connection between the two. If nothing else you’ll likely find far fewer interoperability issues vs HDMI ARC/eARC. Given you only need a 2 channel pcm stream anyway it may be a helpful short or potentially long term solution.

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