Naim Atom connecting an SACD Player?

SACD works fine connected via chinch (analog).
Works fine connected via digital (not fibre) as long as I play normal CD’s but does not work with a SACD?
Will SACD’s work with a fibre connection?
Assuming this has to do with protection?
Hope someone can give a helping hand.
Would be a shame if digital in would not work because of copy protection!

Generally it can’t be done - SACD players don’t output high-res content digitally. You could, however, rip the high-res content for a more Atom-friendly solution. There’s a thread on the Hi-Fi Heaven forum describing how this can be done.

@motelblues, thx for your confirmation, even it’s not what I like. But as you mentioned there’s a way around. Just had a look at the forum, but couldn’t find, could you give me a link?

Forum rules prevent me from posting links to other forums, but here’s some further discussion of it elsewhere on this one:

Thanks a lot for your support, will have a closer look at it tonight, hope I can find a way which is easyer than ripping via an PS3. At the best a player which does support(by excident) what I am looking for,)

I’ve ripped almost all my 50 SACDs using a Sony BDP-S390. It’s a little bit more complex than ripping a CD on a PC, but worth the effort.

@Motelblues is there a special firmware version required or a manufacturing date for the Sony. Could get one for 30 Euro.

The Hi-Fi Heaven thread mentions a specific firmware revision that the Sony needs to be on, but mine was already at that level. If yours isn’t, you should be able to update it.

Hope downgrade is also possible in case of?

Per the Hi-Fi Haven thread, the latest update is the one you need, and once you have that you have to manually accept any further updates, so there shouldn’t be any need to downgrade.

Great and thanks again, now waiting for the BD to be delivered.

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