Naim Atom + Focal Aria 948 - has anyone tried?

Hi, I’m a happy owner of the Atom and Focal Aria 926. I enjoy it a lot, but miss a bit of the lower end (my room is 42sqm and that might be too much for this set). Now, I can get a VERY good price on the Focal Aria 948 and wondering whether this would work.

I know that on paper Atom might lack the power to drive these speakers, but on the other hand, many topics here emphasize that Naim underestimates the power of Atom in the specs.

So - the question is - in practice, has anyone tested Atom with Focal Aria 948? If yes, how did it sound?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi @Obrok. May I suggest if you are missing the lower end, it is because the Atom can’t produce it, not because of the speaker - try getting a sealed (no port) sub that is musical and fast. I have an SVS 2000 pro that I paired with my Aria 906s and it worked really well. Alternatively get a Nova…

I’d second that - the Atom is a great little box of tricks, but in my experience it is low on power and struggles to drive speakers as well as things like a Nova or SN3. This is most noticeable in the bass.

Second that. I’m running a pair of REL T Zeros with my Atom and Spendor SA1 . Very happy with improvement over the Monitor Audio Silver floorstanders they replaced.

Third that, then!

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