Naim Atom in flames

Hello everyone,

As above. Atom broke down yesterday. Quiet listening, Atom connected to NAP200DR, sudden shot in the speakers and the smell of burning electronics. Atom wakes up normally, I mean system starts, the top knob works properly, but Atom heats instantly (the lower part of the housing) and there is no sound. I`s not my Atom, but what should the owner (my friend) do now? Yesterday, before all above happened, the headphone jack stopped working as well. Atom is out of warranty (2 years passed).

Thank You for any advice!

Does your friend’s Atom work if you remove the NAP200DR and connect the speakers directly to the Atom?

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Unplug it
Phone naim
See if they can give a ruff idea on cost to fix
Make mind up on above if worth fixing
Something like that


Unfortunatelly it doesnt work. It turns out, that Atom was registered on the distributors website, so there is a chance, that the warranty was extended to 5 years. It would make everything much simpler.

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Even if the Atom was out of warranty, you could claim it wasn’t fit for purpose; assuming it had been setup correctly and not subject to tinkering, outside influence, etc. (Naim would very quickly establish if anything untoward has been done).

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The Atom wasn’t split in any way was it?



That would be one way to get rid of Covid i guess…


I wonder if it can be fixed through cold fusion.


You would need two atoms for that, worth a try though!

Now we only need something with a large magnet to contain the fusion process, perhaps someone on the forum can lend a NAP 500 for that…


What interconnect were you using between the NAP200DR and the Atom? I’m just wondering whether it may have been fed 24V DC by a short or some issue through the interconnect. It might withstand that for a bit but will eventually lead to something giving way. Either way, phone your Naim dealer and let them examine all the kit - Atom interconnect, NAP200DR.


To be honest I don`t know what interconnects is my friend using. I will ask him as soon as possible. Tommorow he is going to phone Naim dealer and UE distributor.

My Nova also went up in smoke, returned it to Naim and they gave me a new replacement, they were quite excited to have a “smoker”.

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