Naim Atom (Nova) and Focal or ProAc?

after couple of months with the ATOM, I’m very pleased with it, but have a Sonus Faber Concertino MKI which lacks little bit of soundstage or whatever it calls. Miss Jazz Horns sound, and listening at low volumes (came from 300B with High DB speakers), anyways I’m super pleased with this (replaced a 30K€ system).

So I need a good small speakers which can be placed close to wall.

I’m also thinking in jump to NOVA in this year or 2022…

What You think about Focal Aria 906 and ProAc Tablette 10 signature as a replacement for “old” Concertino’s ? What would You think I’m getting or missing? And for the Nova?

BTW: Bought a Technics SL-1500C and I’m also delighted, with Ortofon Concorde Century and AT VM750SH, so funny! Not saying this sound as big pr 3D like my old system but hey, 90%!

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Spain.

I am a big fan of ProAc Speakers and believe the Tablette 10 speakers would work well.

You may want to do a search on the forum on the Tablette 10 speakers since there are a number of threads that discuss them.

Good luck with your search and decision.

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Tab 10’s on good stands in the right (small) room sound amazing. If you want more bass I’d look up the line to some of the ported designs. Having said that I love the bass Tab10’s make.

Unfortunately Proac’s are biwire terminals only.

Perhaps take a look at the new Ophidian Mojo 2,
placement close to wall
Might need a Nova, looking at specs.

It’s very simple to use jumper leads if you don’t like the biwire links, though I agree single wired crossovers would be better. A lot of ProAc speakers are exported and biwiring is very popular in those markets for some reason.

To the OP: I have Tablette 10 Signatures and am delighted with them. As to whether you’d prefer them, or the Focals, to your Sonus Fabers I’ve no idea. You’ll need to listen and decide.

The 10s are not particularly efficient and I use a Supernait 3 with mine. Should you decide to improve on the Atom, it’s worth looking at an ND5XS2 and Nait XS3 as an alternative to the Nova. Or a Supernait 3 of course.

I used an Atom with Proac Tab 10’s and it is a lovely combination. I would try these with your Atom first before spending any other money

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Good advice, Proac themselves recommend an amplifier 5W-50W for the Tablette, the Atom should be an excellent fit, no need for any more amp power.

Hi @superelmar

Speaker choice is very personal. I once spent an hour and a half comparing two systems at a dealer’s. Sitting next to me throughout was another customer and we both agreed on the different characteristics of the two systems. But we disagreed on which system we preferred. So, if at all possible, choose with your own ears rather than what you read.

If you want another suggestion for a speaker brand to audition to go with an Atom, I would add Neat, particularly the very small Iota Alphas. Not sure if they’re readily available where you are, though.

I’d also agree with @hungryhalibut that, if you’re thinking about a Nova, consider also a ND5XS2 and Nait XS. Not only might you prefer the sound of the XS setup, but it also offers lots more scope for moving on if the upgrade bug strikes.


thanks guys I will consider that setup as well.

I already think about Heresy III from Klipsch and Tannoy Prestige Stirling. Sometimes miss HIGH DB… and low volume listening sessions where I can hear everything during the night, not pushing hard the wheel volume.

Also have a listen to the Neat Xplorers, I’ve got mine about 10cm from the wall and they sound great

Yep, ought to be a good match for XS setup or Nova.


You seem unsure where to settle.
In that case go listen after lockdown or buy used, which can be flogged of if not for you.

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