Naim Atom or Nova in 5.1 using Unity Gain

Hi, I have been going over and over this and thought I would open it up to get some advice.

Rarely post but am an avid reader… (hope i’ve done this right!)

I have a 5.1 system in my loft with Naim AV2 and NAP 175 and a UnitiQute 2 running the front left and right through Unity Gain.

It sounds great, but the UnitiQute 2 screen has faded to almost black now, and it keeps dropping out when playing anything online (Tidal, Radio etc.). plus most of my music is now on Qobuz which it doesn’t support.

It’s a shame as it has always sounded great.

The speakers are M&K Xenon LCR-35 and a dedicated sub which are great as a 5.1 system.

My question is this.

Without changing anything else.

Should I get an Atom, Nova or just replace the UnitiQute 2 with a spare NAP 100 which I have and leave it just for home cinema and not music / streaming etc.

Would the Nova be overkill for this set up? is the Atom a better fit?

Just for comparison my main system is:

PMC Twenty5 23

Many thanks

Hi, if you are happy with your Unitiqute the screen can be replaced. If you are having problems with Tidal check that the firmware is up to date, it should be on 4.8.

If your NDX2 is on the same network, you can use multiroom to send Qobuz to the Qute. There are other workarounds, but this one is easy and free.

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