Naim Atom question

hello ive plan to buy atom and i need answer about brake in, do atom need to brake in and whatvis diferent, will pair witc chord clearway cable and focal aria 906, is it good to have cables lenght 3m for left and right speaker because sound quality and lenght cable… sry for bad eng

Chord Clearway is 14 awg, so 3m to each speaker should be no problem at all. Do try to keep both lenghts equal.

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Do not worry about breaking in. Just play music and enjoy it. The sound will improve over a few weeks.

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Over the last decade or so I’ve made quite a few changes and a fair few new boxes: amps, sources, speakers have entered my house. All have improved over the first few weeks or even months, especially speakers. But in all cases, including the ex-demo Atom and Neat speakers I acquired a few days ago, the sound was enjoyable from the beginning. Never has the sound been unlistenable, so do as HH suggests and just listen to lots of music. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with your Atom.


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