Naim Atom reviewed by Kevin DEAL

I love this guy. I think it’s difficult to find a better advertising of Naim audio in general.
He shares a real love for Naim. Maybe he is a specially good actor, but it works.


He does a good review of the supernait 3 too. Nice bloke seems very genuine.


I bought my ND5 XS 2 from Upscale.

Edited upon determination post was OK

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Yes I remember. Maybe that one was even more joyful.

I don’t think so. Many members say from which dealer they bought their stuff.

If it’s a Naim dealer talking about a Naim product and it’s not on balance more of a plug for the business than a review of the product then I’m usually OK with it.

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As our suave forum admin put it… My my, how years pass. When I was living in the States at the starting years of this century I did business with Upscale Audio. At that time I was tube rolling, with his help. And also with the gear I bought. I did not know if he was carrying Naim products at that time, as I was properly introduced to the brand in 2012, in another territory. This is really a surprise from the past.

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I remind also the Nos tubes at Upscale. I wanted some Nos telefunken but Kevin said he couldn’t sell it for me. He had just a little stock reserved for US customers. I was disappointed. At that time he wasn’t selling Naim.

Nice enthusiastic review almost had me unboxing the Atom for another chance.
But, as they both state - APPS SUCK! and this is the one constant which I completely agree with.
If the App refuses to play then the Atom ain’t going to play and that is how the toy got put back in his box!

Have you raised a ticket on Naim support for it ?
Or opened a thread ?

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