Naim Atom Volume on Screen


Has anyone experienced the volume display of the Naim Uniti Atom doesn’t show on the display screen of the unkt

Did this occur after the latest update?

The fix is as follows, although note you will have to re-do all your favourites, settings afterwards, so make a note of them if need be;

Put the unit into Standby, disconnect any speakers and disconnect the power cable.
Press and hold the Play/Pause and Input buttons, hold in while reconnecting the power cable.
Continue holding the buttons for 5 seconds or until the factory reset progress bar is displayed.
Release the Play/Pause and Input buttons.
Wait for the product to complete the factory reset and go into stand-by.
Press Stand-by button and the product will power up and display the welcome screen.
After completing the setup wizard, place the unit back into standby.
Reconnect the speakers.

If it doesn’t work first time around, then try again.

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It did happen for the first time after the latest update but then after some time the volume on the display worked again. Then, when I unplugged the Atom the volume on the display is gone again. Will try the factory reset. Thanks!

I did experience the same a few weeks back. In my case it was enough to turn the Atom off (to standby), press and hold the power button for 5 seconds and turn the Atom back on. It would do a ‘soft reset’ and the volume indicator worked again. However, when the same thing happened last week this did not resolve the issue, but is worth trying before you do a factory reset which will erase all your settings.


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The factory reset worked well the first time. I also tried the soft reset but didn‘t work for my unit. Now I am enjoying the atom and I can see the volume display from my listening position. Thank you for the responses.


I hope Naim acknowledge this is a ridiculously convoluted, inconvenient and frankly unacceptable “solution” to this issue.

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