Naim Atom with Dynaudio special forty are a good match? (+ speaker cables advice)

I recently purchased the Dynaudio Special Forty speakers.
I want to pair them with a streaming moderate size amplifier and I can stretch my budget to the Naim Atom price.

The distance from listening position to the speakers is about 3 meters and I like various genres including rock, and soft jazz.

I’m looking mostly for musicality and a balanced not fatiguing and not boring sound.

( For reference, few years ago I had the supernait 2 with q acoustics 3050 and I liked the sound a lot but it was too dynamic for mee on a faster genres in my room. This set was sold…)
Thats why I hope that the less dynamic Atom will be spot on for my space and taste.

-So how this combo (Atom+special 40s) will work together in your opinion?

In addition I need to choose a neutral speaker cable.
-What cables are suitable for Atom+Special 40s set in a range of 200$-400$?


I think the atom might struggle with special 40,S so maybe a used supernait2 or xs2 and bluesound node for streamer might be better.

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I think the obvious question would be, why did you buy those speakers and not know what you’d do with them from a system perspective?
I don’t own those speakers or know if they’d work favourably with an Atom but you may well find as @Hifi-dog alludes to that you’d be better off looking for something that would favour your speaker purchase more appropriately. The challenge may be budget to hit a sweet spot. A recent used Supernait 2 would be a better amplification starting point, decoupling the streamer/DAC from the amp that way then allows for a wide choice of options with an ND5 XS2 or the Bluesound Node being good examples of suitable combinations.
The Uniti Nova might be viable, perhaps there are others that have tried that combo of Special 40’s and Nova with good results.
These are all going to be more costly than an Atom of course.

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I just asked about the Atom pairing.
It is a very appealing device.
If the consensus is that Atom with the 40s can be a good setup Ill try to audition this setup. If Ill find one available.
Otherwise Ill drop the Naim path and will go for something like used musical fidelity/rega/roksan with node2 /IFI stream zen.

I had the SN2 long time ago with q acoustics 3050, as I said I liked it a lot but it was too dynamic. It was hitting too hard for my room and my taste. So SN2 is not an option.
Nova is not an option for price and it can be as aggressive dynamically as the SN2.
Only the Atom…

Lot of variables to consider here, different speakers for one!
Is the appeal having an all in one device primarily?
How did you come to chose those speakers (Dynaudio Special 40’s) and did you have a system in mind when you decided to purchase them?

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Yep. The Atom is all in one + the compact size + it looks great and should be very musical.

Other system option is new audiolab 6000a play with later addition of a power amp. But it is 2 big boxes.

One more option is used musical fidelity m6si, I have one for sale at my area + new node 2 or ifi zen stream. It will cost me same as new Atom but it is huge amp and separate box for streamer.

Anyway I want to keep the special 40s

Hi and welcome,

I don’t know the current range of Dynas at all but as a brand generally they are renowned for liking power and space. The Atom is no doubt a brilliant one box solution but I would suggest you ask a local dealer if you could borrow one to try with the Dynas.



PS: Speaker cable Naca or Chord Odyssey.


I found this thread with a positive pairing between the Atom and the 40s. I would like to know if someone had negative impression of this paring.

Maybe a s/h SuperUniti, I doubt Atom will control those Dynaudios very well.
Superuniti are similar in amp section as Nova, however older streaming platform.

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Hi, I used to have a Nova with Special 40’s which really worked well, not sure about Atom.

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Hi. Thanks for sharing.
The Nova had any issues or bugs? Is it safe to buy a used Nova in your opinion. As it is a very sophisticated piece of gear.

I would definitely recommend it, new or used, I do not recall having problems with it ever. I only sold the Nova because I found a really good deal for Supernait 3 / ND5 XS 2 combi but sometimes I miss my Nova. I will hold on to my Special 40’s.


How far you position the 40s from the wall?
Did you tried to use the partial port plugs (not fully sealed)

I have a pair of Special 40s (powered by an Olive NAP250) and absolutely LOVE them. Generally Naim and Dyns go together very well. The cables I use are Tellurium Q Black II and again they are a good match. The S40s are definitely keepers, fast, exciting and detailed.

I have never listened to an Atom, but I’m sure it will be a good match for the Dyns. I know the S40s get better the more power you give them, but as far as I’m concerned they’re incapable of sounding bad – just make sure you have them away from the wall (mine are 57cm out).


Around 50cm from the wall (measured from the back), more would be better but not really possible in my situation, less became a bit boomy. Dynaudio has some interesting videos on their website how to setup the Dyns, I have not tried the plugs, good luck!

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I wouldn’t bother with using the rear port plugs, if you can avoid it. I found that they had negative impact on my Contour 1.8 Mk 2 and Contour 60s. These speakers like free space at the back and on the sides, then they sing.

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Thats the downside of many Dynaudios
Need to be far out in room, sound quite laid back

Yes, I know.
It is possible for me to move a 1/2 a meter from the wall but not super practical in day to day life situation.
Maybe Naim forum is not the best place to ask but Ill try, reducing the bass output gain with tone control will allow a closer positioning to the wall? (Talking only about the bass response, not sound stage)

The Dyno Special Forty is supplied with a port ‘bung’ to give the user a choice of reflex port cabinet loading or infinite baffle for use in near wall positioning.
Search www for the Stereophile review, this shows useful info on this.

If you want to get your money s worth, i d suggest powering them with something more muscular than the Atom. You will probably not get the performance they are capable of with the Atom.

I d suggest at least a XS3 with the ND5SX2 or the Nova.

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