Naim Atom

I have a Atom unit and am interested to know if anybody has tried a Nap 100 with this unit and if so was it an upgrade or not

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I asked this question the other week. Some say yes some say your best upgrading to a Nova instead. I’m still debating it as I know someone who did add one to his Atom and said it gave it a better grip overall.

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I don’t have an Atom but in the past had a UnitiQute and added a Nap100. There is quite a lot of info in the previous site archive about what people thought, it did improve the grip on speakers but some argued the UnitiQute lost some of its musicality.
Given the Atom is 40W against the Qute’s 30W I’m not sure if the gain would be that significant, it may be better to look at speaker match or consider a Star or Nova although the NAP100 addition comes at a fairly reasonable cost.
In the end I ended up trading for a Superuniti which I then moved on for a Nova.

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I did that upgrade.

Not huge, but it did give a bit more control over some music…now you have 2 transformers to handle the responsibilities.

I’d consider moving to a Nova next though, although even if that’s a mighty big leap…the sound is much much better and you can upgrade to better speakers

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