Naim Audio and Our Health!

I’ve finally updated / DR’d all my Naim gear (except for one SC which I’ll probably get done soon) and tweaked everything up appropriately.

After uncovering a couple of problems in my components–that were discovered during servicing–plus buying new speakers (I don’t think forum rules allow stating the brand), my 2-year period of dissatisfaction with my system, and coming close to throwing in the towel in frustration, my system is finally BACK and sounding wonderful!

I’m getting the joy and satisfaction of listening to music again, and am back to wanting to listen to LPs and CDs that I haven’t listened to for years.

However, this has caused a not-insubstantial problem.

Night-after-night, I’ve gone up to my dedicated music room, listening to music into the wee hours of the morning. I’ve been relaxing in my listening chair, turning off the lights, listen to a few records or CDs and then—falling asleep, only to wake up at 3am or 4am sitting in my chair–then struggling half-asleep to get up–staggering to my gear to put it on standby–then staggering downstairs to get some bed-sleep. This HAS to be harmful to one’s health!

So I’m wondering if anyone else is “hooked” to this extent and perhaps suffered any long-term health effects from lack of sleep. I wonder if any other brand of audio gear has the same ability to do this!

While only a half-serious question, it may perhaps really be a matter of concern since lack of sleep is definitely a health issue. I’m wondering if the relaxation and satisfaction of enjoying music on great system may overcome some of the ill-effects of loosing so much sleep!

Just some random thoughts for consideration…

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The problem of late night listening in to wee hours is that usually associated with a few drams of islay, cognac or Armagnac… very harmful to health and wealth indeed…


Yeah, but don’t shortchange the Speysides and Highlands!


Not uncommon for me to do the same; to wake up in the small hours to silence and the heating having gone off!


I call it “detrimental nirvana” …

Happened to me quite a number of times when I had my olive system… Wonderful to fall asleep with the music on softly!

Always a nice feeling… ie till the significant half realises ……

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If you want to healthily combine Naim, music & sleeping, try “music” designed specifically for that. Ambient & dark ambient music is an amazing genre. Some is created to be heard by the subconscious whilst sleeping and if work is stressing me out, I swear it helps me get a better nights sleep.

Try Somnium by Robert Rich or Steve Roach’s Bloodmoon set on low as you sleep.


Hi Rosami

Reading your post has highlighted and made me learn if anything doesn’t sound right in the system, after some months, I should look into servicing much sooner.

I never had any issues with my olives from Day 1 - Naim equipment back then were and still are generally reliable.

It’s also one of the reasons why, all of us here as Naim customers, I try to remind myself that our Naim equipment is still hand-built a good portion during manufacture - and that the more we “rush” anything from Naim, it actually exerts a pressure on production if you will - and this can have a tail end trickle-down effect on QC because everyone’s human and a tight tightline at Naim’s production end despite protocols is bound to culminate in some glitches.

I know Naim work tirelessly to service and make the best possible audio equipment in the world today from their faculty in Salisbury.

Before anyone starts to wonder, I don’t work for Naim - lol - I just love music via Naim and appreciate the company for what it represents, after all these years and decades - and it’s just too easy to forget their dedicated staff. I haven’t in my life learnt to be grateful enough for what I had and have.

Gratitude is a pillar in life, as I age.

I’m grateful Naim have always done what it could and strived to help its customers. Till today. That’s since 1969, for over half a century.

How time flies, friends, yes?

For this pressure they must feel to deliver consistently for everything they make and painstakingly test, I will tamper my own expectations and appreciate Naim’s production staff, to be reasonable as a customer in give and take.

Looking back to the time I was in my 20s to 30s, I never used to think in this manner - for me then, rather archaicly and narrow-mindedly, the customer was “King” and it didn’t bother me to think about what was happening at the other end. “I pay, you deliver” was too common an attitude for me on reflection.

But it is incorrect.

All of us when we buy our Naim toys new or previously loved, would like the premise of fuss -free equipment as a given. To enjoy this, time has to be given Naim’s production staff to get their work done as best they can to spec requirements without the rush.

I know I might be opening a can of worms here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: as I had read somewhere of some servicing delays in the past but wanted to share what I really felt without holding back. I don’t wish to be ginger or afraid to share my thoughts on the Forum, without offending anyone.

Will be gently as is.

Rosami, I hope you are much more settled this time with your Naim system! Wish you many good happy hours of listening ahead.


Phil P

Didn’t know… absolutely cool.

Thank you.


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Hi Rosami, perhaps you need to program in the slow movement of Haydn’s Surprise Symphony! That ought to wake you up before the middle of the night. :sleeping:


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The only reason forum rules would prevent you naming your speakers would be if you had a commercial interest in them. I don’t think the company that must not be mentioned on the forum make speakers so no worries there.

Standby! Is there any Naim equipment with this facility old enough to need servicing?

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Having been through a similar negative period until I changed source I can relate. I whistle through at least 3 hours of listening most nights to around 1am. No alcohol or anything else. If there’s nothing on TV and I’m not reading a book then 3 is 6 or 7 without fatigue.

Compared to where I was previously I’d say it was very good for my health.


I’ve done this many times. Just one more album, then another, and another, which always sound better at the dead of night. If you don’t have neighbours! I do think there are health issues from sleep shortage I should look into though.


LOL - yes harmful to both!

…or give me a heart attack! :wink:

Thanks – I’ll give this a try :+1:

Yes that’s the worst part – waking up half-asleep & freezing cold!

Phil P

Thank you!
I hope you are correct on this point. I have read that there have been many changes at Naim–not all good, so i hope that pride in workmanship is still high at Naim.


Ok thanks – so I replaced my B&W 804D3s, which were a terrible match in my system, with a pair of Harbeth 40.2s, which brought back the joy of listening again. Naim & Harbeth are a great pairing IMHO.

Interesting Rosami and I have also heard similar comments.
I also hope the same that quality work and service will be there in the future

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Nor the Islands!