Naim Audio NAC 122X & NAP 200

My NAP 200 is 2008 and non DR…would it power a Naim Audio NAC 122X?
Thank you

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Is it desirable though?

The 200 can shine with far better preamps than the 122. Deserves at least a 202.


DR or non DR Nap 200, they have on-board preamp PSU

Hi, @Pauljdh.

Having owned and loved the older 112/150 (no X) combo, and having read testimonies on this forum for 10 years, I recommend:

  1. If you own the 200 but not the 122X, give it a try — a lot of folks think the 122X is a bit special, especially for the money. Also try them with a Flatcap 2X or better.
  2. If you have the 122X, do not part with it on faith that you will like a “better” pre more, unless your ears affirm the move.

Certain models, like Nait2, Nait5, NAC 122X, among others have the reputation for being special and desirable despite their age and limitations.

Indeed, I found the 202 with NAPSC a clear step up from my 112, but I did not trade up at that point. I kept and enjoyed the 112/150/FC2X until an ex-demo 552/500 came along, a year or two later.

The 112/150 absolutely sold me on the brand. The 202, and experience at my dealer, and extensive, trustworthy testimony here made me trust the value up to the 500 level. I simply wanted to avoid the excess cost of upgrading in steps; the 552 has features I knew I wanted that the 202 does not; and the 112/150/FC2X had its own magic and appeal anyway, to my ears.

All FWIW, for not having heard a 122X personally.



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