Naim Audio ND5 XS 2

Hello Everyone, I’m evaluating the purchase of a
Naim Audio ND5 XS 2 in my bedroom hifi system and wondering about two features I’m unable to find in the datasheets or elsewhere in this forum:

  1. is there an Alarm clock option available in the App? I had in the past a Superuniti in the past who musically waked me up … but sold it for a newer Uniti system without this option…
  2. is the App giving the option to shut down any of the function lights (again like the Superuniti did) to save energy and… most important to me in the bedroom to keep darkness in the bedroom when sleeping…?!

Appreciate also any eventual feedback or previous experience on my above questions and any general sound quality impression or experience of the ND5 XS2 when paired with my available Nap 100 (loudspeaker are Kef Meta LS50)

Thanks in advance and ciao from Milan :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. No alarm clock in the app
  2. Pressing the power button on the front puts the unit in to network standby mode which turns off the Naim logo and dims the power button. Can’t see any way of dimming the lights from the app

Note that the variable output of the ND5XS2 is not ideal if you want best sound quality. You really need a preamp to use with it.

As it’s only a bedroom system, have you considered a mu-so 2 or Qb2. They sound great and do everything you want.

Thanks elverdiblanco for the precise feedback!

Good points also from your side hungryhalibut: the usage of the app variable output is surely a Cons of the whole process, aimed to keep it simple, but still use as very minimum my existing Kef LS 50 speakers and possibly also the Nap 100 amp…

Probably not an ideal solution for my bedroom considering these feedbacks combined…
Probably worth to go backwards on an old DAC V1 or forward and buy the new Atom HE…?!?
(in both cases +Nap100+Kef LS50 Meta?)

Thoughts?! :slightly_smiling_face:

For a bedroom system I’d be tempted to sell the NAP100 and just get a regular Atom


Yes, from a sound quality perspective, and simplicity a regular Atom would make the job, definitely.
I’ve just installed temporary in my bedroom the regular Atom I had paired with my TV and now replaced by a Nova.
The Atom with my Kef LS 50 Meta is working very well, looking very stylish too … BUT with the two limitation in my (bedroom) usage scenario:
-missing Alarm clock
-Standby light always ON (ie no way to have 100% darkness when I sleep)

Open for alternative suggestions … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can’t help with the alarm clock function but for the standby light just put a photo frame or something in front of the light before you go to sleep :slight_smile:

ND5XS2 in a bedroom?? That is luxury. And a bit too much I would guess. MuSo / MuSo Qb would be more than sufficient

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Or maybe that day’s worn pants.

Surely that all depends on how long @mpiattelli spends in the bedroom and what he/she does in it?

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yes true, it would be a luxury… but I like my stereo speakers rather than the all-in-one speaker solution…
but there are less (or more!) expensive options to (re)use my actual equipment (Nap100+Kef LS50) like the mentioned DAC V1… open for suggestions anyhow :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have an alarm clock by the bed. When the alarm goes off, switch the Atom on :slight_smile:

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In the end the ND5XS2 is fabulous! In any room I would guess :slight_smile:

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