Naim & Audio Note

Has anyone paired Naim amplification with Audio Note speakers?
I have a Superuniti with a (distant!) possibility of some AN-Ks.
You don’t hear much about the combination - apart from the obvious (Audio Note speakers typically paired with low power amplification) do you know whether there’s any other reason e.g. they just don’t work so well together?

Conflicting design philosophies is the problem.

AN = Realistic timber and tone but with slow, thick and poorly integrated bass

Naim = P.R and T focusing on the “tune”.

Why do it unless it’s a make weight for a future change?

simply because I have heard good things about their speakers from a couple of ostensibly reliable sources

Fair enough but I owned two pairs of E’s with a level 5 Audio Note system that I had before returning to Naim. Both were as I described in my post. I also have a hifi friend who owns k’s with an Oto Sig which is a hybrid design (a mix of valve and solid state) and he doesn’t like the loose and detached bass sound that he gets. Again the timbre and tone is good but the recommended corner positioning (which does help the bass) limits image depth. They compress badly when the music gets complex also.

Having briefly matched a Nait 5 with AN-Js, I broadly endorse Cohen’s points.

But in your case, it’s possible that the lighter tone of the AN-Ks could be a good match with the sonic character of the SU, as it has been described here on the forum.

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That’s true Chris although my point really is why not go for a speaker that shares the same design philosophy as the Supernait? There are lots to choose from.

True too.


Could you name a few please?

I was going to ask the same question! would be glad to know which speakers would be the more “natural” choice

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