Naim Audio Power-Line Lite

Would this power cable be a significant upgrade in sound used with a Naim nait 5i-2. I am using the stock lead that came with it at present. Any comments appreiciated.

Any decent dealer would loan you one to try. If this is not an option buy used and sell on if you don’t like it.

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The only difference between the PowerLine Lite & the old ‘stock’ power cable with the white MK plug is the Naim design 13A plug with the ‘floating’ pins. I think I heard a difference but I wouldn’t call it significant.
As Guinnless says, your dealer should let you borrow one.

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I also thought the difference was small when I substituted a power line lite for the stock cable on a SuperUniti. But there was a very slight improvement according to my wife who didn’t know what I was doing so I kept using the new lead.

The only way to be sure, as others have said, is to try for yourself.


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I am thinking of trying one by buying off flea bay, on the grounds that if, as I rather suspect, there is no difference then I can always sell it again.

The question is - should I use it on the NAP500 or on the NAC52’s supercap, or on the NDX?

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… I would try out it on all & hear for yourself, but I suspect it won’t do much with a 500.
I have my x2 PL Lite’s on the cuddly toy PSU’s for Supernait & NDX
Other cables are my own made with heavier cable & different plug/sockets


Your 500 and 52 even if non DR deserve a Powerline.


Worked really well on my Superuniti. Really opened up the soundstage and made things more alive.

I’d give it a go and sell it if you don’t think it’s for you. I doubt you’d lose on it.

Got 5 of these and 1 PL to nDAC. Have never heard and would not expect an SQ uplift from them, for me they are a nice design addition, to the OP just do it, don’t bother trying what have you got to lose

The NAP500 comes with the full fat PowerLine so maybe try and buy one of those for the 500. To me the Powerline (not lite) made enough of a difference on my then 202/NAPSC/Hicap DR/200/CD5X/FlatcapX system to warrant buying 5 of them! Since then never used anything else.

If the lite is only a minor upgrade save up and buy a Powerline and try it. You will not lose money on eBay. I have all new ones now but bought 2 used ones first for £350 and sold them both for £390 each as a BIN listing.

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Interesting. Quite an investment.
One thing that I wonder about is that I am the only house on the transformer on a pole just outside our house, so I suspect our mains is pretty clean. I’m not sure whether different mains leads would do anything (and I’ve never understood why that little length of cable should make any difference at all). I’ll keep an eye out for 2nd hand powerlines, but they generally seem to go for quite a lot of money.

So you have bought power cables in the belief that they are of no positive value whatsoever to the sound of your system? :rofl::rofl:

For 100 GBP there’s no decision to be made, the PowerLine Lite will offer a small upgrade to SQ which may be undetectable but for the money?

IME the PLL is great value and lifts source components really well. When I added one to my Hicap/82 it was getting close to a box upgrade! Adding to nDAC and XPS wrought more improvements but less so further down the line e.g NAP250 was just a small difference.

I had some very battered Naim leads on my olives (then Hicap and 2*135), replacing them with PL lites was a very major upgrade, equal to the HC-SC upgrade I did later, but given the fact the sheathing had worn to where I could just see copper through the plastic, it may have just been the dire state of the old leads.

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