Naim Audio web access

I’ve just tried to view the webpage, but was asked to login but it would not recognise my email address. Obviously I can access the forum from the discourse hub, but I was wanting to read some product info. Are there any known issues?

Same for me … I get this message

Log in
Error message
Sorry, unrecognized username or password.
[Have you forgotten your password?]

You mean this?

Works for me, but not seeing a 272 replacement yet…

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No problem here!

I can get on the web site & look around, but I get the error message when I try to log in.

Website looks to be working just fine. There’s no need to for any customer to log in to view the website.


Works here as well.

I got that one, but today got one about the 552.
I’ve sent an email to support … so wait and see.

Think the problem is that big black mark on your log in :rofl:


Was it accessing the website via a specific link? I think you may get that if the link to a specific page finds that there’s an issue with the page.

If it was a page that was the issue, do you know what it was about?

Ah that could be the issue. It was a link in an email to the 552. However, on a fresh webpage I still can’t login.

There is something odd going on because I put into my iPhone browser after viewing a forum page (I don’t use the discourse app) and got a “oops sorry that page is private” message. The address bar showed that I was still in Typing in again gave me the same warning message but then on its own it went on to give me the normal Naim homepage.



Still a problem here with the latest invitation to view a Naim product this morning, this time the ND555.

It looks like the same issue; i.e. the page on the website is not yet accessible - there’s obviously a lag between the site and the Naim facebook page.

Thanks for the clarification … time for another cup of tea then.

Now you have a cup of tea, try it now…

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Excellent … I should always follow my grandmother’s advice, before doing something a cuppa does wonders.
Thanks Richard

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