Naim AV2 service


Can anyone recommend a qualified, reputable service technician to help with repair of a naim AV2 pre / processor?

Preferably one in North America; more specifically Canada.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.


Check with your dealer. They can arrange for service with Focal Naim Canada (formerly Plurison).

I work the industry and I know Plurison very well. I’ve reached out to Focal-Naim Canada but haven’t heard back from them as yet. I’m sure Covid -19 has had a significant impact on them.

What is the issue? Just be aware that if it’s a digital decoder issue then AFAIK I’m not sure whether the decoder boards can still be replaced. You should check with Naim.

I think it might be logic control over the volume control and a heat issue from the power supply. It would be a damn shame to junk it simply because it’s such a nice sounding piece.
Thanks for your input.

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OK, best to consult with Naim then.

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