Naim Banana plugs

I never saw the warning not use standard banana plugs. Now I am „concerned“ that maybe my nait will explode. Can I just remove the one part of my normal viablue bananas and screw in the cable to the provided plugs? Should I expect some improvement or doesn’t matter at all. The bananas are golden, not nickel plated.

Also like the volume knob much better on the new amp …… it alone is enough of a reason to go from xs2 to xs3.

I am a bit overexcited …. Sorry if annoying

Don’t panic.
Not many use the Naim banana plugs on their amps but they are designed to give a disaster free connection.
Ordinary Deltron bananas are fine too.
Lots of fashionable cables come with their flavour of plugs already fitted so no biggy just be careful not to short at the amp. :+1:t2:

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Ordinary - and good - and very inexpensive. A rare combination… :astonished:

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The warning is just a strict interpretation of some guidelines that nobody else follows, aimed at preventing you from inserting bananas into a German wall power socket. (The fixed distance of the prongs in the Naim plug prevents this)

Mental image… funny! :upside_down_face:

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I happen to use regular banana plugs for years on Naim amps, there is no problem to expect. Mine are WBT which are securely fitting in holes by screwing (they expand). any other banana plug system could slip out. I notice that my audioquest gold plated plugs soldered on NACA5 slowly slip out … at the opposite, the Naim plugs are really fitting and do not unplug easily.

by the way the XS3 is from my point of view very good, better than the XS2. I am not transcended by the class A headset amplifier though.

Been using Naim for well over thirty years never ever used the supplied speaker plugs ad never had any problems.

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