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I moved to a new place and unfortunately the movers threw away all my Naim boxes (nap 200, nascp, nap 200, fraim, etc). Does anybody know if it is possible to buy replacement boxes from naim? I will moved abroad by the end of the year and I would like to pack my naim stuff safely for travel.

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Yup, your Naim dealer should be able to order in and supply replacement packaging.


Now that is attention to detail

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Do you mean the removal people unpack your Naim boxes?

I put the empty boxes to the side and they took it with the rest of the trash.

Thanks Richard! I will do so. Hopefully is not too expensive.
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It is pretty expensive actually. I think a Hicap box cost me something like 60 quid a few years back?

I struggle to see how they would look like trash to movers, unless you put them next to trash. Sounds like something to take up with them.

I seem to remember seeing packaging pricing for the US being in the $200 range per full size box.

Quite expensive!

Found it: $175 for slim or full size boxes.

I think you’re gonna be really pissed off about the replacement costs! I think once you have the costs to replace you’ll need to have a word with the movers. Unless of course you messed up. I can’t imagine how this happened. You moved and the first thing you do is unbox your hifi gear, leaving the boxes around? wouldn’t you have unpacked clothes and kitchen stuff etc first. What you’re saying is the movers stayed around throwing out trash, as you started unpacking?? I’m confused. I’ve moved a couple of times and the movers brought stuff into the house from the truck, put furniture where I wanted, and boxes of stuff where I wanted, then left. They didn’t stay and make me a sandwich. :grin:

I had all my boxes (6) replaced recently. It was expensive, but on the other hand far cheaper than 6 years of having them in storage.

Now shipping 6 empty boxes to Japan, that is the shocker!.. Which my dealer is still trying to do now that lockdown in the UK is easing and he can get a courier pickup. But still likely to cost less than 6 years of a tiny 1m square storage locker here by miles.

It’s just a fact that if you have a small flat you might not have room for boxes of anything regardless of how valuable.

In your situation, I might be tempted to give the movers an earful and demand compensation. It is not their job to decide what is trash. They destroyed something that was not refuse, then they are on the hook for it in my opinion.

This reminds me of my best mans speech where he told the tale of me moving into my first flat when I left home.

He arrived after work to assist me. Everything was at the flat and the Hifi was already (perfectly) setup and running, ‘playing sweet music’ as he said in his speech.

Nothing else was unpacked apart from loo roll and a kettle.


This is bizarre. The concept of removal men hanging around to wait until you have unpacked anything is not something I’ve seen or heard of before.
As others have said Naim can supply replacement boxes but it is very expensive and you should be asking the removal firm to reimburse you for what will be approx £70 per standard size box and a bit less for the smaller ones.

Not that this is the case, but with moving companies there is the option of them providing staff to pack and unpack boxes. This has been the case a couple of times when I had corporate moves. They come in and they wrap and pack everything in the house. When they unpack they remove all the wrapping material and the boxes.

So I could see how this might happen under these circumstances.

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Having had many professional movers over the years, there was not a single situation where they unpacked my system for me as it’s not a concept I would entertain. I guess if one does, this could happen.

They did pack and unpack everything else, though.

You are correct, they only unpack what they pack. The point I was trying to make is when the crew that unpacks boxes removes packing material and empty boxes they may take every empty box they see. In this case if the owner unpacked the boxes, not the movers, that at the end of the move all empty boxes are removed from the premises. Usually a lot of people when moving are looking for any help they can get to remove packaging so they can get the house in order and save a trip to the recycling center.

This may have been a mistake by the movers and if the issues is raised quickly I would believe they would compensate the loss.

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