Naim-branded USB stick

Are Naim-branded USB sticks available?
I recently took delivery of a shiny-new Uniti Star and my dealer gave me a complementary Naim USB stick.
I’m guessing they’re probably just a promo item for dealers, but you never know…

I too was given one on the forum visit to Salisbury HQ…just a promo i think. But have to say i have other usb sticks that my Core and ND555 just will not read despite many attempts at reformatting. The Naim one works a treat, would happily buy a larger memory one.

AFAIK they are just promo items for certain events. I have a few of either 4 or 8GB, so not huge capacity, but enough for some Naim label sampler tracks.

Hi, pretty sure they are Kingston datatraveller se9 sticks, you can get them in larger sizes eg 128gb.

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Looks very similar😉

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