Naim Burndy What is it?

Hi all I have a Naim Burndy here but cannot find what it is for, the part number is: 03-003-0390. Tried looking online but nowhere says anything about it. Was hoping someone here knows what it is.

Many thanks

Do you have a picture, and the pin layout?

Could be a NAC252 Burndy?

Thats what someone else said but it looks different to other pictures ive seen online of 252 burndy’s

Do you have a picture of the full Burndy, with lead and any banding on it? Does it have a braided sheath?

Its not braided no

What Naim items have you owned? Surely that should rule a lot of options out. You don’t just ‘have’ a Burndy, it must have come with something.

15 pin is 252 isn’t it?

Had it for a while as part of a job lot, none of which take it so im really confused as to what its for lol

im not too sure as theres nothing online about it as far as i can see

not sure, here is a pic of the back of a 252 and my burndy next to it, does it look right to you ?

I see in your profile: system: none.
So I will say it’s a very original way to build a system. Most begin with an amplifier and speakers, that match together. Then buy a source. Then cables and rack.
But you seem to choose to begin with a burndy, lol. :joy:


252 is 15 pin. However, it’s probably Best to email Naim support after the long weekend and find out for sure.

Maybe it’s for snaxo, why not start with an active system?! :slight_smile:

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I’ll do that thankyou

I don’t own any naim anymore although i am looking to get some, just found this in a box again after forgetting about it and thought i’d shoot a shot at finding out what its for lol


The snaxo’s have a different pin configuration unfortunately :frowning:

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555 (no.2) 7pin
555 (no.1) 10pin
SXPS 11pin
CDS power Burndy 13pin
NAC252 15pin
NAC52 (52PS) 16pin
NAC52 (Supercap) 18pin
Snaxo/S-Line 17pin
552 19pin