Naim CB original Box

Hello everyone,
I sent my NAC 62 / HICAP / 250 CB today to run the service.
Not having the original packaging, I made one myself, and then put it in another package and make it travel on the platform.
The appliances are in 10/10 aesthetic conditions and when they return from service the electronic conditions will also be 10/10.
However, I would like to have the original packaging of all three components also from a collector’s point of view, also having a nait2 complete with packaging.
Where can I find them?

I would drop an email to Naim H/Q they should be able to advise on availability.

The old original packaging is long unavailable. However, if you wish to have current original Naim packaging then you can ask Naim to supply. I don’t know what the current cost is, but your dealer, who I presume arranged to send in the items for you for service, should be able to advise.

i have already asked my dealer and he told me the old packaging is no longer available, but I don’t think the new packaging can fit the old gear

The packaging for the current Hicap DR will take a CB Hicap or shoe box pre-amp with no difficulty. Likewise, the current packaging for the NAp250DR will take a CB250 just fine.

ah, great then!
Tomorrow I call again and ask to send them back in to the new boxes.

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