Naim CD 5x

Hi(new member) i relocated my naim hi fi set up to another part of my listening room after i connected it all up the CD player powered up bu no sound came forth,only very very faintly with the amp volume up high has switching it off an on again damaged it?
The amp works OK with other sources. any suggestions appreciated.

See if it’s swapped from din to phono output or vice versa. They can do it by themselves sometimes. Instructions are in the manual.

Tried that no joy thanks anyway

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Is it possible that the output selector has been unintentionally switched from Din to phono? Section 13.4 of the manual refers

A pair of RCA Phono output sockets are fitted on CD player rear panels to provide an alternative to the preferred DIN socket. Proceed as follows to select the RCA Phono sockets.
With the player stopped, press and hold the remote handset disp function (handset in CD mode) or, if fitted, the player disp button until the CD player prog indicator flashes. Further operations of the disp function will now cycle through each combination of the two socket types (DIN only, RCA Phono only or both). The selected option is indicated on the CD player display as shown below

Din = 0
Phono = oo

Is there a flatcap or hicap in the chain?


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