Naim CD Player options and Upgrades

Hello from New York. It’s time once again to entertain myself on my newish Naim adventure with hopefully affordable additions after completing all my jig saws in self isolation :slight_smile:

So here is my system to date (obviously all 115V except the Oppo which is dual):

Naim Nait XS

Oppo 105

Rega Planar 6

Focal Aria 926

Naim Fraim.

In Ireland where I will be moving hopefully this year when all this craziness is over, I have, new 220V:


NAC-N 272

Although, I have some experience with the XS (selling before leaving New York), I a novice when it comes to directions and upgrades in the Naim field.

Basically, with somewhat limited funds. I would love to hear yer opinions on where to go next?

Should I keep the Oppo or get a Naim CD player. If so what do ye like? It appears possible to find some older models at a decent prices on the secondhand market or should I simply hold on to get the CD5si.

Also, I have never heard the XPS with the 272, it’s a lot of money and wondering if it is even worth the cost or could I spent my money in better places. Additionally, I rarely see any on the secondhand market.

A side note: Although, Naim equipment is almost twice the price here, one can occasionally find a decent deal and then I can convert it to 220.

If ye were me what would ye focus on, knowing that I will have 250/272/Rega/Focal 926/Fraim and optional Oppo 105 if needed, when I return home?

Thanks and hope all is well wherever ye are.

Hi, I would get that XPS when you move. To my ears it really transforms the 272. On this side of the Atlantic you should find it much easier to find used Naim gear.

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Thanks Chris. I will look more into it.

I say this in humour but this is the least responses I ever got to a posting here. Normally they come in thick and fast after any posting. So I’m wondering is it because I live in New York or god help us, is it because I’m :ireland: :joy::joy::joy::joy: I’m playing. I am sitting in my apartment for weeks now getting a little stir crazy.

At least you will happy to know I’m staying away from trump chewables.


I like those pills, must try some. If I were you I’d forget a CD player and stick with the Oppo. Once you settle in with the 272 you won’t need a CD player anyway. Perhaps you could get all your CDs ripped to a nas before moving.

The XPSDR is a great upgrade to the 272 and the 555PSDR an even greater one. That’s where any cash should be going. Probably some better speakers too.

Thanks so much for that great advice. Probably will look out diligently for a XPS DR or 555 DR and stick with the Oppo for now.

Curious why you may not be a fan of my Focals and what speakers do you like for my pending system?

Although, I don’t spend a lot of time on this site, I don’t hear a lot of love for Focal (i.e. as a part of the systems) or am I misconstruing that?


Glad you like the pills :joy:

I’d agree with HH, keep the Oppo I’ve not heard one but have read some reviews. A PSU for the 272 makes a huge difference. As for the Focals they certainly don’t seem popular with the forum not sure why. Good luck and stay safe (lucky you’ve got those pills to help).

Aside from the fact that every focal speaker I’ve heard, up to £30,000 models, has been ear shreddingly bright, the 272/250 deserves better than the the Arias. I’d leave them behind and get something else in Ireland. There’s lots to choose from.

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Thanks Pete for the valuable advice.

Any ideas what sites, etc that I can check occasionally for secondhand PSUs?

Not to drive the conversation in a different direction because I would still like to focus on my original questions but I wasn’t imagining the lack of enthusiasm on this site for Focal. Any opinions? Also, Naim and Focal are joined at the hip now so would not both parties have looked at their partnership as being symbiotic :slight_smile:


Sorry HH didn’t realise you probably answered partly my Focal question. I will definitely take that into consideration since Focal is actually only decent speakers I have ever owned.

HH, I know it’s individual preference but just as means to look into and listening to other options for the 250/272, what do like that’s out there?

I think @hungryhalibut somewhat overstates the brightness issue with Focals. More recent variants are far better with Naim electronics. Nonetheless it’s of course room dependent. Consider Neat, Kudos, Dynaudio, ATC, PMC amongst others.



I’m a Luddite who still likes proper Naim speakers. Of current stuff I think PMC make some good speakers.

I’m in Australia and I’m not sure I can help, the second hand market here for Naim stuff is rather limited. My dealer has been my best option for new and used gear.

Lots of delve into there when I get back to a showroom somewhere down the road. Thanks to all and any other thoughts please free to throw them this way.

Additionally, if you know anyway to get this clown out of the Whitehouse that would be most welcome too :joy: Enough of that. Sorry couldn’t help myself.

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No worries Pete. Hope all as good as can be expected down under.

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We are not allowed political comments: now where is my delicious Detol nightcap.

If you are in the US then try some Magnepan .7s. I have their predecessor and they sound fantastic. Because there is no box then they come in at a ridiculously low price (even in England where they are far more expensive than in North America). For box loudspeakers my choice would be Spendor or Harbeth.

You may like something entirely different, of course, always the way with loudspeakers.

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Yes it appears we’ve dodge a bullet and hopefully on the mend, you’re in NY I read the news each day and am horrified. Hope you’re ok.

Okay, I will stop with the political stuff because you don’t want me to get started :slight_smile: Used Detol many a time when I was growing up. Strangely at 1 years old, I refrained from injecting or ingesting it. What a smart kid I was.

Thanks. Another few speaker brands to check out. I’m going to quite busy soon.

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Good to hear Pete. Things are weird here. It’s as if I am in a time of a continuous holiday with no end in site with bare streets. The day of the week is becoming irrelevant. Refrigerated trucks are not far from my doors to aid in the carnage (See attached). Found out later in this beautiful picture that I took that the trucks in the background are for bodies :frowning:

At least New Yorkers are finally understanding and a lot of people are wearing masks now.

Other picture is me decorating my fire escape with flags to alleviate the boredom. Irish and the Joe Strummer Foundation one.


Least it appears you have 2 good friends. Post a photo of them if you like on the “show us your pets” thread.