Naim CD player

I like jazz. Classic rock. Chamber music. This is the best audio player I have ever purchased



Good to hear Brian. Which model CD player?

Not bad eh? Haven’t played a CD since selling Nait a good few years back, cracking sound though.

Welcome to the forum Brian!


Surely it is the Naim CD2 player - the most engaging player I have never heard.

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My money is on the CD5SI.

What fun - he’s teasing us by not letting on. I’ll put my money on a bare CDX2, purely in a rather childish attempt to wind up some of our more excitable members.


One of these, not Nait as I blasphemously last posted…CD5

Uni star. Incredible. Some of the Rolling Stones records were terrible recordings it shows up all the recording faults.
I have never heard bill Haley’s rock around the clock so clear.
Also the elvis sun years records.i never knew about naim until I went to audio t Manchester demonstration evening.
I have never looked back



Is that Never or Ever? :smiley:

Loving my CD2


How is the bass on your CD2? I find mine to be light compared to record or radio and I can’t think why. Is it the machine or the recordings? Any tips on setting up?


Bass is fine, but even better when I used the HiLine IC to my SN3. That really brought the sound to life…if you know John McLaughlin’s Shakti (acoustic Indian - influenced music) the HiLine took their second album to another level. Hand drums in particular are startlingly beautiful (and powerful) with CD2/HL.

No special set up apart from the HiLine and a Powerline Lite mains cable. The CD2 is level and on a Hi Fi Racks oak spiked board (the latter more because I had it and thought I’d put it to some use) on my Atacama Evoque SE rack.

The player was serviced by Witch Hat Audio a few years ago ( 2014 I think) so it’s in good fettle…

Thanks Steviebee. I’ll take a look at my interconnection to start with. Otherwise I think I ‘tick the box’ for positioning, power line and servicing. It is a superb player, but I had seen so little mention of them on the forums that I was beginning to think I was the only person who had one!

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I still enjoy using my Naim CDS / CDPS a very analogue sounding player, incidentally most days since I retired in 2016.



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