Naim CD3.5 - Link port question

Hello all

So I have a friend who purchased a CD3.5 off ebay and the seller didn’t send either the link plug or the magnet puck thing for the CD.

So question is, can we get these parts still? If not then does anyone know what pins are shorted/connected when the link plugis used?



Yes, these are available from your Naim dealer - some sell them online as well. The clamp used in the CD3.5 is the Clamp 3.

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Hopefully the transport bolt wasn’t missing as well…:thinking:


Your friend should be complaining to the Seller - or to eBay.

The CD3.5 is not complete or working, without those parts.

But then perhaps its provenance is … murky…?

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Yes, I would get a transport bolt at the same time if it didn’t come with one (n.b. later units took 2 bolts)

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Ok, thanks for the replies, chaps.
The owner is more a customer than a friend, and he said he bought it over 6 months ago, so the complaining to the seller boat has well and truly sailed i think.

Anyone know what Naim dealer is best to deal with in the UK?

Thanks again.

Any authorised Naim dealer can help, with support from Naim, and can supply spare pucks, link plugs etc. Just find local dealers via Naim’s website.
An authorised repair would be via a dealer who would return to Naim service dept if necessary, although you may decide that the cost isn’t worth it. Also try Class A in Sheffield who are Naim authorised and may be able to help.

Some dealers can supply cables, pucks etc by post, TomTom Audio in St Albans are worth a try, but note that dealers will not supply electronic components for DIY repairs.

Tom tom audio carry a lot of such spares.

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As others have stated, an approved Naim dealer.

However, you can buy these on line from Cymbiosis, a well respected Naim dealer.


Thanks all, order placed, now fingers crossed the unit plays ok :wink:

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