Naim CD5 si vs. 9 year old nDAC

Hello - I am seeking guidance on the CD5 si.
I want a Naim spinner with a warranty. I love the nDAC. Does the CD5 si have the Naim PRaT?
The DAC tech is newer than than th nDAC.

I am not sure to understand you. You wonder if the Cd5i is enough good, and you would get rid of the Ndac?
Instead of buying the Cd5i, the very entry level of Naim sources, I would go instead to Uniticore with Ndac. Much better vs Cd5i.


Agree with you FR

The CORE/nDAC is a great combination and should (will) have better SQ

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If there was no problem of stock with cd mechs, the other possibility would be to buy second hand à Cdx2/xpsdr or Cds3. To be at the level of the Ndac with a good transport.
But it’s a risky business.

You don’t really have much choice if you want a new Naim CD player and good as a CD5Si is, it’ll be outclassed by your SN3. If you love the Naim DAC then find a pre-loved one and use it with your BDP105 as the CD transport. It may be an old product, but it’s still a very good DAC with the potential to be upgraded further by an external PSU.


Sounds really good with a nDAC on those rare occasions when I play CD’s

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Thank you for you feedback. Can I use the CORE as a playback machine through the nDAC? Or do I have to rip CD’s to a NAS or Hard drive?

Hi - I will be keeping he nDAC forever. I’m using the Oppo BDP105D as the transport.


Locating high quality pre-loved CD spinners without tons of hours on them is difficult at best. I am keeping the Oppo tethered to the nDAC long term. I’m not in the position for a CORE. I’m not even sure how to use it.

I’m intend on continuing using the Oppo BDP105D as the universal disc player Transport \Chord Company Signature Super ARAY Digital Coax\ nDAC\ Super Lumina DIN5-5\ Supernait 3\NACA5\ Totem Forest Signatures.

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Why don’t you just use the Oppo as the CD player into the nDac? That’s going to be hard to beat.

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I still don’t get why you want a separate CD player, which won’t be as good as the present CD playback setup you already have ?


For instance @Richard.Dane uses the Unicore/ Ndac. The Core will rip your cds and play them when connected to the dac. You can also store hires albums on it and play them.

Hello Mike _S - That is my current setup. I’m also running a 3 Terabyte outboard hard drive from the Oppo’s USB into the NDAC. FLAC, WAV Losses files.

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james_n - I was simply seeking a unit with the Naim PRaT. Higher quality pre-loved Naim spinners are not in abundance on the used market
I was seeking a “decent” unit with a warranty.

Hello - What interface do I need with the CORE
to playback files?

You’ll need to download the Naim App on either a current iOS or Android device (Phone/tablet etc…).

Thanks! So do I still have to link to the internet via ethernet? My system and modem are 100 feet apart. Or can I run th HDD/IOS through my tablet/ phone?

Can I use the CORE as a CD player directly from the BNC out to the nDAC?

The Core will need to be connected to the internet, yes.