Naim CD5 XS Problem

My CD plays fine through the Digital Output, but there is no signal from the Analogue output. I have selected Analogue on the switch at the back of the unit. Has anyone here had this issue or know of a simple fix before I send it back to Naim?
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Have you checked DIN and RCA outputs on the analogue? Got a feeling i know the answer but got to ask.

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At the moment, the CD is at a friend’s house, so we can only try the RCA output, However trying his leads and mine going into his amp there is no sound. His CD player is fine.

I expect the analogue output is set to DIN.
We have all enjoyed Naims inconsistent way of outputting a cd5xs. Digital/analogue with a switch on the back. Din or rca via a remote. And of course you’ll need the instruction manual to tell you how to switch the 2. Quite as to why another hard switch wasn’t fitted on the back, who knows. Someone will be along shortly and tell us it sounds better having to switch it with a remote. But of course right now, you can’t hear anything.

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Oh! It’s a case of JRTFM! I had not scrolled down that far. I’ll let you know if it has worked a little later. Thank you.

Sod’s Law in action here! Guess what? The remote has packed up. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That’s another reason for a simple hardwired switch.

@Slim68 I know this is not the immediate problem but when you get the unit back, the manual says the unit should be off when the switch is moved from Analogue out to S/pdif.

IIRC someone fried theirs :frowning:


Thanks Gents, The remote is now working after cleaning up the contacts, and we have music. @Thegreatroberto, I am grateful for the quick and sound (sic) advice.


Very good of you to lend it out btw. I’m not sure I could!

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